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Anna Sep 7
I lean my body against the wall
on the same wall
that you held me
Strong as the union of cement and brick
that kept her standing
My eyes shine
with the tears that keep coming down
I wish you had turned me on
rather than sad for a lifetime
I breathe the little and unhappy air I can
And just like the unhappiness that brings with you
I carry in my countenance
the emptiness of a life without you
My body is not the same
empty as the broken bottles
on the kitchen floor
Maybe in the living room and down the hallway
In my stomach the liquid runs through
And on my cheeks
all the salt water the sea could ever hold
My body terrifies
all the air that I can't keep
I miss when we used to turn on the radio
High frequency
To cover the loud noises we used to make
I loved the way you drove me
As a formula one car
Fast, couldn't think
didn't ponder for a second
You were wild as a stray cat
Could you go back to the same?
Take me off of this wall that I cry so badly.
Lunar Jul 2017
"Do you still love me?", he looks at me deeply,

I feel empty yet full of emotion.
I can't look at him in the eyes. I just can't.  
I kept my head down for a view moments,
and tried not to cry.

'You always knew how much you meant to me, but it's always like I meant nothing to you.
You really knew how much I struggled, and you really don't even care how it hurts.  
There's nothing but pain left inside me when you said that you love me.

Then, I looked up to his eyes,


I answered.

— The End —