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The way your eyes became filled with tears
As I showed to you
All my darkest fears
I spoke to you of all my demons
And time and again
How I had seen them
Dancing through my mind
Filling me up with lies
Holding me in a bind
And you reached out your hand
Time and time again
Most times I shoved you away
I would lie to your face
Telling you I’m fine
But you never turned away
You told me you would stay
And you were true to your word
And through all this time
I never could see it
But you are the hands and feet of Jesus
I questioned his love
Thinking I could not be enough
I felt all alone
Even when I was not
I was surrounded by his love
But my eyes they were blind
And you reached out your hand
Over and over again
Finally over time
I see that the hand I called yours
The hand I rejected
Was never truly yours
But it was the scarred hand of Jesus
Reaching out to me
And I see how he used you
To change my life
And finally I believe in his overwhelming love
And I want to be used
To help others too
I want to be
The hands and feet of Jesus
This is a poem about one of the most fckinv awesome women I have ever met. She has helped through so so many hard times and she never once gave up on me. Even when I avoided her for weeks and ignored her even still she pursued me, never getting anything out of our relationship for herself she just wanted to help me. I want to be like her one day.
IsReaL E Summers Dec 2014
Can't cuss on the bus we must trust in Jesus to get us through without a single bruise used as a tool to fuel the fire Lord take us higher cause we are on fire never to retire or expire Your our preservative our lives we give on this trip we flip the script to show that we're hip to the games but don't feel any shame in this game of fame because we have no names we are just representers presenters of the good news a few dudes on a mission of submission to listen to what to speak and hope that nothing else leaks out of the spout of our mouth give us now our daily bread fill our heads hearts and souls I know You'll show Your face in this place that we're going thisflowing You're  bestowing is growing on me and one day I'll see a little tiny pieace of a feast called glory! ^-^
Long story short... I was witnessed to by a rapper named matthew ronin. He took me to a concert and while on the metro some dude started cussing. The driver hit rhis button and an anouncement broadcast over the loudspeaker that said "please do not use profanity on the metro" or something like that. I said "haha you can't cuss on the bus..." and started writing... this is what came out. I call it freestyle on paper. Or... a gift, from God.

— The End —