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Nick Stiltner May 28
Ephemeral Dust, Primordial Soup
Essence in swirl,
Conscious of Unconscious
Thoughtless, Sway like a Leaf.
Under sunlight, Rejuvenation
Under moonlight, Exhalation
Vacant Plane, I wonder in Circles
Gnosis, I have to break these Chains  
Realization drenches over me
Smiling alone in the Rain.
Coastline yellow dawn,
Overflowing fountain
Untrimmed garden,
Left to Decay
Rot in the sun

Bluebonnet field,
Honey suckle sweet breeze
Left to flourish,
Their petals reach to the sky

Light step, on the untreded
Birdbath with feathers flashing about it
Dawning spring, swallowing following
Enchanted breeze, dew on the leaves

Break the cycle of the illusion
Never ending we march along
One step higher another step closer
At the end, Door Closer locksmith
I have to see beyond this
Sketcher Nov 2018
Wake up with an empty mind,
Finding ways to pass the time,
Breakfast as I write my rhyme,
These days I feel sublime cuz,
I do what my father does,
Minus smoke and feel the buzz,
I hope I never do drugs,
I'll leave that to the thugs bro,
I'd rather practice judo,
No basket but I free throw,
While I practice my combo,
Ukemi and Kappo moves,
Just perfect technique will prove,
I'll continue to improve,
I have just decided you've,
Started feeling the groove and,
I want to start my own band,
I get lost in a dreamland,
Keep going cause nothing is planned,
The words appear on command,
Life stings like a strong backhand,
One that I can't withstand for,
My life I see upon shore,
Slowly sinking, no mentor,
All I have is my vigour,
No emotion or valour,
I left that at the back door,
Now my mind is at war with,
Itself and it's not empty,
There's no way to pass the time,
I'm throwing up spaghetti,
Thinking about future chimes,
The thoughts that make me sweaty,
Like reading between the lines,
Creates stuff that's too heavy,
I'm not ready,
I'm unsteady,
But they keep nagging at me,
They think that they have the key,
Please open your eyes and see,
I've solved this reality,
Just like on giant puzzle,
That was just waiting to crack,
Blowing off my mouth muzzle,
Sorry, there's no holding back,
The future is rather scary,
The present is quite merry,
The past is gone,
No need to look there,
Memories we share,
Really nothing rare,
Please just live on,
No not on a prayer,
In the present where,
Some people will stare,
Into reality aware,
Feeling all the energy flare,
Into their good dreams or nightmares,
Pass the time,
I'm open,
Then rewind,
The emotion,
Like Broadway with one actor,
It is the prime factor,
He feeds himself very quick,
Gaining more weight wide and thick,
I hope you can see what I'm desperately trying to say,
We do not live separately, but instead as one big play,
I open the gates to truth, now walk through the entryway,
Welcome to Gnosis, I hope you have a fantastic day.
ConnectHook Oct 2017
So then the Gnostic heresies issued in one of two beliefs. They believed either that Jesus was not really divine but simply one of a series of emanations from God, or that he was not in any sense human but a kind of phantom in the shape of a man. The Gnostic beliefs at one and the same time destroyed the real godhead and the real manhood of Jesus.

The Gospel of John  by William Barclay (1955)

Gnosis reveals in reverberation:
you’ve done too many **** hits.
You sprawl at the threshold of psychosis
until the shape of the song fits.

Your cannabis-flavored thoughts implode—
you glimpse the Divine Emanation
as the lesser vibrations diminish and die
now you enter the shrine of elation.

This rare revelation—imparted to you
(the neurotransmitters surge)
seems to show that you know, that you know, that you know
the deceptions of *Demiurge
. . .
Can't remember if I posted this already...
LOOK OUT for the GNOSIS !!
ConnectHook Sep 2015
OR:*   *“A brief treatise on Antediluvian Gayology ”


Said Demiurge to Samael:
“This universe is getting old.
Let’s break on through and fly beyond
to where the lead shines gold.”

Said Samael to Demiurge:
“I’m with you, dude. Let’s rock and roll
Let’s rip this veil of Maya in two
And glimpse the Oversoul…”

Replied his echo Demiurge:
“Devoid, divine, it’s ALL good, bro;
The sweetest wine is found within
Let liquid truth now flow…”

So Samael let drop the towel
And spread his doctrine’s orifice.
The mystic eye of gnosis shined
in luminous artifice.

Then Sam and Dem, conjoined like beasts
made cosmic love (in Koine Greek),
transforming gold to toxic lead –
and Truth into a freak.
☮ α ω ⊕ ☼
ConnectHook Sep 2015

GNOSIS, my friends, is alive and well,
corrupting the hearts of the masses.
They fashion a fable to fit their need until their crisis passes.
An idol from here and a text from there – just a little dabble do…
for a do-it-yourself epiphany as the counterfeit passes through.
They lose themselves in names and mantras,
thinking they’re mining gold –
while the god of this world enhances the shine of spiritual lies retold.
So get out your old Santana records, pass the **** to the left.
Listen to Jimi and Marley and worse; it will leave your soul bereft.
It’s the same old trip – the first century
has seen all of it come and go:
such transcendent explosions of heresy
are worth less than the price of the show.
In the local body of Iesous Moshiach our pastor has faithfully showed us:
nonsensical notions of Gnostic obnoxiousness
fail to enlighten – but load us
with half-truths and fantasies, cosmic conspiracies,
spiritually false revelation;
which turn on the blacklight and dazzle the mind
but maroon you in dark desolation.
So I’d like to prepare you for several short poems
exploring the way of the Gnostics.
Though I love Elaine Pagels and
Demian**‘s Hesse,
they fail to provide diagnostics…


— The End —