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For I Dream..
of kicking against
these Prícks
Like the martial art of
Kung Fu
or something like
Martin Luther
the King
A Black King
An African..
Best believe
I am Profess'n
All three
of these
But honestly
I could never
have been a
For my mental
Is sorta like
that of
Kunta Kinte
But ain't no half-
with me
For I still have
Two feet
To place
In front of
And that
would be
As I Awake
and Proceed
with no dis-
or Fear in
just to
Lead my

When I think of black lives matter, I have my own way of seeing it
Breeze-Mist Apr 2016
Who are you to decide
Who I talk to
What I can watch
What I can read
What I can see
What I listen to
What I like

Who are you to decide
Who my friends are
How I talk to people
Where my relationship goes
What I believe in
When my feelings are real
Which of my memories are true

who are you
*to dictate me
theunrealist Oct 2015
I am liberated,
Though still under ownership of the master class.
I am free to think, to express.

My limbs are bound to the path by regulations and expectations.
But my eye is free to wander as it pleases,
Because I've allowed myself to look beyond the road we walk on.
To the left of it,
to the right.
Tilting my head toward the sun, I see only energy in the form of flames.
A sign to me that the tiny bit of energy comprising myself is capable of being much more than what it is in this moment.
This is something I needed to know,
those walking beside me must be told.
Its our duty as freethinkers to save the enslaved.
This mesmerizing feeling always has its start in your mind,
Then it goes to your eyes and opens them wide.

Next, through your spine to the heart where your will lies,
That is the power to conquer the skies.

When it is done it goes to the tips of your toes and fingers,
This is the way to change the world, a way of a freethinker.
From now on you are the fire bringer!
by Give a little love ;*

— The End —