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Àŧùl Sep 2020
They dictate our lives,
How they are in space,
Exactly when we are born.

How they are in space,
Or the constellations,
When an individual is born.
My HP Poem #1887
©Atul Kaushal
Kayla Gallant Sep 2019
Lie across
Train tracks
Without fear
Call it insanity
Yet you stand
Hand on chest
Pledging your life
To the men
Who dictate you
mindless sheep
Mihle Mdashe Mar 2019
We have skin as muddy as waters. Vaginas smelling of blood, unwanted babies and 400 years of forced entries. That's all we have in common. What I have is sickness in the mind. Many people say depression is the emperor of many mentalities; some say it turns your mind into this forbidden city, giving you 8000 sorts of depressing feelings like no will ever love you, just go they won’t even notice you’re gone. They call it depression dynasty. They give depression so much prestige and many of them romantizes depression. But do they really know what it is? It's all watered down into something antidepressant can tone down but pills can't help all the attacks that come from different angles. Laughter turns into tears cause you can't help but hear that little voice "You're not happy", so I'd rather sit in my bedroom and write. Oh wait I've lost that skill now, thanks to my anxiety that is. That's depressions' cousin, depression felt the need to invite him over. Funny how life goes. I thought I'd abort this poetry thing,when all the pain tones down creativity seems to find a new abode. Failed poet I call myself, I can't use high metaphors, fail to express all these emotions so what's the use. I seem to fail at everything I do. I'm trying not to waste my time, but this is what I want to do. The demons come as a sequence of powerful leaders and I just can't sit here and let them dictate to me.
A poem of what it's been like having to live with depression.
Svode Oct 2017
With my teeth clenched,
And eyes shut tight,
I let my knife dictate my future.
insomniatrical May 2017
Science cannot tell me how I feel,
Only I can.

English cannot speak my words for me,
Only I can.

History cannot tell me what happened to make me the way I am,
Only I can.

Math cannot help me add my life up,
Only I can.

PE cannot keep me in good shape,
Only I can.

School cannot dictate how well my life goes,
Only I can.
Breeze-Mist Apr 2016
Who are you to decide
Who I talk to
What I can watch
What I can read
What I can see
What I listen to
What I like

Who are you to decide
Who my friends are
How I talk to people
Where my relationship goes
What I believe in
When my feelings are real
Which of my memories are true

who are you
*to dictate me

— The End —