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Fizza Khan Apr 20
“The New Golden Rule”
A poem by Fizza Khan

They always tell us
to treat others like we
want to be treated.

With love and kindness.

But I say we should also treat ourselves with that same love and kindness.

You go the extra mile to make another person happy.

You can definitely go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy, too.
Another poem about self love. Stay safe and healthy everyone! ❤️
Anne J Apr 2019
For all the flowers and wishes I’ve bestowed to others
And all the men I’ve treated like brothers
For all the children I’ve given affection
And all the “sisters” who shine in comparison
For I always remember the Lord tells me to bear arms with others
And to not stop even when they see me only as a bother.
My emotions are like a fire, easy to light and easier to burn,
My words can be like ice, cold but can defrost by what I learn.
My actions are like summer, heated and passionate with feelings
My wishes are like spring, still developing and a desire of healing.
Stick and stones may break my bones but words can’t be used against me
And with that, the golden rule is treat others the way you’d want it for you to be
And with that, give being nice and a disciple of Jesus a turn.
And with that, get rid of your negativity and let your anger burn.
A religious poem I made for a school project that I think HP will enjoy. The amount of poems I make have become less and less frequent, basically turning into once or twice a month...Don't worry, I'll change that soon! This summer's going to be full of poems from me. :)
Some days I feel good,
Come ways dry seal crude,
Done says vile meal dude,
Bites you back til' you bleed food.
The Golden Rule is the most forgettable thing for me, I hope you guys never forget that.
Tristan Rethman Mar 2016
"Do to others
As you want done to yourself"
Says the mothers
Sitting on that high bookshelf

Looking down, unaccepting
As you ****,
Her with one deadly swing
"Just rules, Jill"

The problem with that rule,
The big flaw,
My want to die, so cruel,
Breaks that law
You go through the motions
You laugh at people's jokes
You exchange a smile when needed
Hell, you might even feel a connection to someone
But you can't ever get close
That's the Golden Rule

You can listen to all they say and comfort them
But you, yourself, cannot be comforted
You've learnt the lesson and played the game
To make such rash decisions
Others first, never yourself

You are forever with accompanying, making you completely alone
You are a friend to all, making you the friend to none

— The End —