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Sofiluvu Sep 26
You told me to create my dream
What if the dream is a man
What if a dream is you but
With my mind I understand
You’re not good for me I know
But with every beat of heart
I wanna tell how bad I need you

I wanna see your face and body
I wanna feel your soul
My mind is telling me what for
My heart is telling me let it go
I know you think it's funny, strange
I appreciate your time but
I can't deny my feelings
I can't resist my heart

Stop thinking about me
You know it brings towards you my thinking
Get out of my head get out of my heart
I can't continue this stupid thinking
You touched my pride and can't really love
Your heart is full of coldest stones
And you are too immature to feel a peace of love
But it's ok your life it's gonna teach you
To love through bad and good relations
And I can't truly help you unless you help yourself,  my love

In new year eve They show me
this bond is not a right thing
But I didnt care I wanted something I can't have
So now I suffer does it matter?
I'm praying to the God
to let me be free of this connection
I hope:  it’ll be real soon,
I hope, I'm praying...
Sofiluvu Sep 26
Oh ... you like Onegin in that book
Who cold and pride to pretty woman
But in the end he fall in love
I know it’s gonna take the time
Don’t worry I can wait
You were rejecting me too much
I think you really love me
But probably don’t know it yet
Forgive me for that strangest way
To show how really I can love
I really want you and afraid
So please stop making me to hesitate
And tell me what really feeling towards me?
Do I make your heart beat faster
Do you really want me as I want
And better stop it if you’r not
Sofiluvu Sep 26
I’m happy to love
I’m happy to live
With or without you
You gave me this love
I’m apréciate even
You don’t feel the same about me
But in the darkest night wanna to hear from you
What was it, and how long is it taking
You braking my heart but I love it
You pushing me down but I want it
And I’m deserve everything you done to me
And I breaking apart from within
I don’t need anything from you
I need you just to love me
And if you can’t give me that
I just wanna to forget  you
Sofiluvu Sep 22
I can’t be weak
I want you now
I can’t resist
Your slamming me down
My heart can’t block you
Don’t know if it’s love
It can be lust
I’m shutting you down
But You still appear
I hoping forget you
I hoping to break free
Why did you do this to me
You bringing me slow to you again
And again and again
Sofiluvu Jan 13
I can’t live without you
I can’t breath without you
You only what I need
You only what I want
For me it’s very hard
To live life in the lie
My fear is blocking me
My heart is breaking
Do you care about me?
Do you feel me?
Do you need me?
Do you hear me?
Sofiluvu Jan 12
I want to be yours
But you don’t want to be mine
What life can predict
What I can expect
When you going down
I can’t this resist
What make you think this
What make you believe
So why I can’t be yours
And you can’t be mine
What else I need to show
To believe that I’m real
You know it’s so sad
I can’t make you love
I wanted to heal you
But you just a stone
Robot who lives in the gray world
Your soul wanna feel it
But your mind is too strong
I want to help you
I want you to feel this
This world not for money
This world for the love
Something from my past
Ps English is not my first language si pls correct me if u see something strange, thx
Sofiluvu Jan 12
I want to be your victim
I want to be your prey
Please put all the tension
Pull up all your strength
I want to be your victim
I need to be your prey
I won’t runaway
I won’t resist or hesitate
You take me and you **** me
I always wanted this
I want to be your victim
I want to be your prey...
Inspire by the story of #chriswatts movies #dexter and #gonegirl

— The End —