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b for short Jan 2021
Rolling symphonies of snores
keep me from a dream as I
conduct their crescendo with a smirk;
barely of a sliver of blanket
left to call my own;
goosebumps on my legs remind me
that this bed is full of things I love
who choose to be here too.
I am wide awake,
wrapped in hushed darkness;
like a freshly dipped photograph,
I develop best here too.
©️Bitsy Sanders, January 2021
Cy Jan 2019
The reel flickers then ends
The popcorn crunches under their soles
Credits roll on my eyes
Ted Apr 2018
I can still see those dark moments in my mind,
if I close my eyes and choose it so,
I see nothing but darkness,
except the light that comes from outside the house,
a light seeping in through my windows,
letting in the ambient darkness of the world,
that is lit by the waning moon,
everything a silhouette of its old form,
a darkened self,
I see this all so clearly,
like I still live in these dark moments now,
like I've never left the shadows cast on me,
always in this perpetual night,
that never leaves me.

In those moments of my past,
I was in the true reality of my being.
murf Mar 2016
How we discovered
the beauty of darkness
In this room, I still remember.

How we learnt
about ourselves and each other
In this room, I still remember.

Now here I am
With just memories of us
In this room, I still remember.

— The End —