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Where are we in Time?
Conductors forfeit their ability
at the edge of the shore
in a veil of solar shadow
syncopated rhythms of motion
disrupted by the presence of revolving carbon masses
within the reach of it's symphony
begins a demonstration
of control before them
Construct a light based on fleeting thought
A calibrated illumination of the universal heart
Too often we don't question the disappearance
for that moment to blast into coherence
my friend jesse
By startlight hush of wind
the owl's shadow voice
the campfire embers glowing inner universe by firelight
smoke curls weaving faint
coyote voices faint the pain
and smell of pitch fire
I sing you stars
I breathe obsidian
and again the owls shadow voice
leans back into times past singing first fire
brittle spine bent bowed toward the fire
voices low to murmur a child whimper

deer fat ****** upon to gentle dreaming
the mother of her song
the night cradles child
the owl, too, has young tiny hearts
and warmth of down and old man
coughing guttural spit to fire
young people giggling beneath hidden fondlings
soon to sleep
again coyote voices drown the mind
in a loneliness of deep respect
in love of those who camp just up the hill
and tiny crystals of tears
spatter the dust
legs that cannot ever carry me back to you
soul that holds you forever
as I stood by the river
in the cool darkness of spring
I could feel within it's stillness
a beautiful movement and rhythm one with all life
it carries to the ocean a divine flow of energy
it holds the sky on its surface
and the earth on it's bed
in this moment I realize
the river is life
and I am here to flow
with the natural current
to move and allow change
to rise and fall with the tide of the Moon
to reflect the sky and stars
and to hold the earth within my core
Here and now I am as the River
moving swiftly with grace into oneness.
one from a few years back on a starry night in Maine
S h e is playful vibrance
Struck by lightning
On a church steeple
In the eye of a storm
S h e laughs and cries and laughs again
H o l d i n g the crystal ball
But not looking in
The Sadhu dreams
Fire is a dandelion root
Being woken by songbirds in springtime
In the heat of curious minds we search for something to grasp
Something to burn in the ether

Have we really come so far from our Origin ?
Called to return to the Mother
In a flash of light, darkness was swallowed
and the children took notice of their fathers disappearance
Mothers’ held their tears to keep the children afloat,
or at the very least, to create the illusion of safety.

A certain truth that is kept from children,
Even with its good intention
Is the root to the groove of this condition

Releasing my pain with the detachment of identification
Moving forward in the awakened state
Returning to the origins of biology
Why am i here
What will i do
Who will i give
I give myself to this world
With an open heart
with Love
I was born at the time of snow
When I died and I saw my ghost
I was in the Pacific West
I gave it up but I did my best
Now I'm here in Providence
I just arrived and I must confess
I get the feeling like I never left

Woke from a dream of a holy war
Never understood what it was for
Never read the bible but I plan on it
The story of the oracle it goes like this

You were born at the time of Night
It went dark and you came to Life
You took a ride to another plan
Meet me in the middle and call my name
a song I wrote this week
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