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Faizel Farzee Oct 26
I compare thee to heavenly Angel.
Pure of heart as that of an infant breathing
within it's mothers sheltering womb
Untainted by the impure

Your illuminate heart outshines a bewildered scorching sun.
Your smile the equivalent of glowing radiance
It alights even the darkest hour of my life.
Your healing essence
The taste of your honeyed lips I live for.

You are the most beautiful rose
Amidst my thorned existence
By any other epithet, you would still smell as sweet
You are more than my heart, You are the sustenance I need
My soul has imprinted on you
It don't wish to be freed
You are the oxygen, In this dark world
I need daily to breathe
There is no evil in this world
Because you are all that i see.
so close within your eyes..
resides the world's most scintillant light..
when you cry...the stars WEEP and release symphonies that cascade from the skies,
azure temples intimately disguised,
yet in the dark your heart falls apart and calls out my name,
every day i think of you, as my soul grows cold and old..i struggle 2 control the pain..
Its odd..
the facade.. that the'world in all it's awe
performs so worn'from the applause relentlessly,
Nothing MUST be..
we're born and formed to be flawed,
created cracked and clawed
from earthly debris,
Misanthropic melodies, manifolds of madness never before heard-confessed and conveyed
Expressed and displayed-through violent variation of words,
I await..
and in silence observe,
Confounded and disturbed.
Not sure what it means..but there it is.

— The End —