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so close within your eyes..
resides the world's most scintillant light..
when you cry...the stars WEEP and release symphonies that cascade from the skies,
azure temples intimately disguised,
yet in the dark your heart falls apart and calls out my name,
every day i think of you, as my soul grows cold and old..i struggle 2 control the pain..
Its odd..
the facade.. that the'world in all it's awe
performs so worn'from the applause relentlessly,
Nothing MUST be..
we're born and formed to be flawed,
created cracked and clawed
from earthly debris,
Misanthropic melodies, manifolds of madness never before heard-confessed and conveyed
Expressed and displayed-through violent variation of words,
I await..
and in silence observe,
Confounded and disturbed.
Not sure what it means..but there it is.
Johnson Jul 2018
Weeks turn into months
The months drag on for years
As the clocks hands violently spin
Time seems to eloquently disappear

Lying for what seems to be eons
In hollow shell that once was
Praying for a new tomorrow
Never seemingly comes

The suns rays gently shine through
Only tease me with a glimmer of hope
That never seems to ensue
Wishing the warmth I have felt I never knew

Visual wonder seems to blend
Into an everlasting monotone grey
Staring into the empty wall
No stimulation to relieve my pain

Joy is nothing but word
For the mere feeling is left heard
And by my hands alone I sink
Into the darkness of night I’m never assured  

For imagination can thwart the coming days
Relieve my mind traveling on an escape
But for how long must you hold fast
Slowly as it becomes a twisted decay

For what I want I try to reach to grab
Only to grasp a hold for mere seconds
Slowly slipping through cracks of my hands
Returning to a bleak existence

As you search for the good you wish to find
In those few faces that abound
Your own misanthropic views
Seem to chase away those who are sound

So alone as you are to thee you must face
As your mind tears itself apart on endless race
Slowly you try as you fight against an uphill *****
Left to your own devices endless suffering without hope
Cameron Banowsky Apr 2018
If you find yourself in constant dismay
About your life, the world at large or simply **** today
You have two paths to walk and one ends colorless and grey
You sat and did nothing,  but had plenty to say.

What is that contribution that you speak?
Being in tune with the news and the daily beat?
Have you tuned out so that you could actually hear?
The connection is deafening and you walk away filled with fear.

So make you choice now or accept your fate
Right now is the only thing that is certain and safe.
But if you prefer to project life beyond the now
There will be a time when you will realize the answer to the question:

There are those who speak and inspire
That's good and fine
But can you call the actions of others your own
Or can I call them mine?
You need to make something from nothing
You need to blow your mind
Or else you're wasting air
And you're wasting you're own time.
Part of Poem a Day.  This one is just on HePo.
Sam Dec 2017
You've always been the one to shine
Radiating warmth and compassion
You could incorporate anyone into a conversation
Eyes with a dashing twinkle like stars grounded to earth

I've always been lackluster
Misanthropic by nature
I hide in forests and on mountains
As much from the world as from myself

Despite all our differences
You chose me to be the one to reside inside your heart
Despite that I could never be every thing you are
I will always love you as I have from the start
Thomas Halls Nov 2017
Bottle caps and bullet cases surround my feet, the glass beach of failed attempts at evading memories.

For all the things i let you put me through I still don't have the will to blame you.

I wish I could be weak in this moment, let my soul be seen but stuffing it down and shutting everyone out has become routine.

So I'll hang my tattered dolorous soul on the hook by the door. Exchanged for the vestigial smile I wear when reclusiveness isn't pragmatic anymore.

I'll pretend that each day doesn't bring me closer to shattering into a million crystalline pieces of who I was in memory.

And when the day is dead I'll climb back down inside my solace, and shed the burden of this emotional carapace

I'll remove my mask and wash away all the hate and fear from the dour face staring at me from the mirror.

I'll drown my soul and sink to the bottom of this internal sea. Into the world devoid of light, of sound, of memories.
Max Watt May 2016
Life is not hateful. Nature is.

A person can't make It happen so
he acts as a shark and moves without remorse, though
a mere ten second's contemplation
and emotional, intellectual understanding
of the things he, without sorrow, ignites in his wake,
would be enough to force his hand to
tie that well deserved noose and slip it around
his slimy neck and hang himself dead.
He, much like a snake, is deaf to the
screams of those he has bitten, and blind
to the ruin behind him. His one track mind -
his selfish mind - which blocks out all that his nature doesn't wish
for him
to acknowledge - does
for him
what is convenient
for him.
Eliminates the reality
for him.
That is his nature's wish.
Brandon Crandell Oct 2015
We are all but a disease to this earth
A sickening growth eating away the flesh
Destroying for our own selfish desires
Yet our consciousness grows higher
Making us more remarkable than ever
RW Dennen Sep 2014
Upward I swirl
into the swirl of death shrills
Discontented about absolutism; the lies of war
Discontented about the perversions against nature; man's egomaniacal tendencies
Upward I spiral into the swirl of darkness
Gravity has no power to keep me bound
within myself
I let loose once again
I float towards another endless spiral of dark clouds,
these clouds spin expeditiously within its air-vortex
I see carnage,
I smell blood,
I witness the land of all misanthropes
Into the blackness as I spin,
my vision catches a chorale begging to be autonomous
in the state of sovereignty
The impetus in my desperate and saddened heart
I curse the gods
My tightened fist fails at at the darker darkness,
at this ominous swirling
I see no light ahead likened to the event horizon
on the outer rim of a black hole
My breath is being ****** out as the greed-succubus ***** out life
I see you in me, as we both are caught in this uninvited storm
Will we ever survive?
Will we ever survive?
So we must fight on!

— The End —