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Karisa Brown Aug 2017
Do you stare
At a devil
In your shadow
I do?

Does he ask you
Or threaten you
Where to begin?

Rhetorical functioning inhibbited
Playing once again
With the demons
Called friends

Some are nice
Yet some too revengeful
To let in

Do other angels
Call like she used to
Singing sweet lullabies
But all you give
Them is fables

Spotlighted gaze
I hunt this maze
For self denying sacrifice

Only second
Isn't right
And turning left
Is now
Out of sight
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
I don't want to kick the hornets nest
But I am felling quit depressed
And begaining to get awful distressed
There is things I need to express
Because my chest is really compressed
I know it's from all the stress
It will be hard for you to digest
But I have to get this off my chest
This problem must be addressed
I think it is for the best
That all of it is confessed
I know after I tell you, me you'll detest
But maybe that's for the best

Oooh never mind
I'll just keep these hornets in their hive
And stay in the shadows and hide

— The End —