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Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
If we pray from the deeps of heart
Prayers reach straight to God,
Whatever we know and practise
It is due the benevolence of the God.

As I reach the park early morning
Four friends daily greet me,
Not a single day passes by
So punctual are they to meet me.

They know to which side I shall go
They lead me to my fixed post,
Keep looking back at me
If I am coming or somewhere lost.

Before I do they grab my bench
Where I exercise and relax,
As I scold them to leave
They get down, cling to my legs.

They are four legged friends
Better than the two legged,
So humble, loving and caring
Who wait for the two legged?
Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti
Animals are proving to be better friends than people. And most glaring is that these animal-friends are selfless. They love us unconditionally.
D Holden Jul 2017
An innocent child taught to share.
Taught to know that the relationship;
the journey to share knowledge, love, ideas
and our difference is key.

An educated adult never forgets the child's lesson.
But fear drives self-protection, materialism and pride.

To share what divides us is to plant the seeds of learning.
Comradeship grows from understanding,
and acknowledgement of those differences.

Build a fence. Build a wall.
Create the divide and create the perfect,
repugnant bigot's nursery.

Destroy the very values one thinks will be protected.
Fail to share as only a child learns and build humanity's failure.

— The End —