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finish line in mind
never in sight
u never see it clear  
u never see the man with the flag
nor did u ever hear the bell
there is no warning ... no "bing bing... its your last lap"

in life you just run
every huff and puff heavy
your steps no longer as assured
your knees wiggle
your sight blurry
your all over the place
running like a drunk man lost
hoping , praying , begging for the finish line to be near
and in mind hoping , praying , begging you finish first

but u never see it clear
you never see the man in the checked flag

so instead ,you decide
'keep running'
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2019
“So good to be checked in on :)”


so informed, I’m thinking,
yes, I know,
it is a spécialité de ma maison,
checking in on far and dear, not so near, ones,

ask myself why,
and the answer comes easy,
intrusion and extrusion.

the pleasant shock of stumbling into an old friend,
both stuck in the revolving door at Macys Herald Square,
which is odd because it’s DECADES since I was there.

there are many outposts on the poetry cables
who have received this SOS, and the inevitable outcome is
a new poem commissioned and perhaps, no admission,
that’s the why and the wherefore surely so purely selfish.

need a guide to help me pick apples and pumpkins,
which is not in my wheelhouse of expertise,
thinking you could give me a boost,
so selfish, you see, picking up the pieces of fall(ing)
and poem titles from, then for, friends.

for you never know
when and how well,
cinnamon apple and pumpkin cream pie
soothes the souls from home grown tumult,
with hot tea.

SOs, how ya doing?

just checking in...

some had liberal voices
speedily stowed away
so they'd observe silence
at the locale's cay

speaking freely was
deemed over the top
it wasn't viewed to be
a permissible cop

never utter loose dialogue
inside it walls
or you'll feel the marshal's
quietening squalls

be mindful of any
unrestricted tongue action
as it will provoke
an instantaneous reaction

would seem that all blurb
must be checked
if not it'll promptly get
well and truly decked

the judging panel like those
who stay within the limit
and to stray outside of it
will incur a demerit

— The End —