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Abeja Reina Jan 2017
Love doesn't take two
I can love you all by myself
and I do...

Love doesn't take a million dollars
I can love you for free
but love is valuable...

Love doesn't take a lot of effort
I can love you easily
but it takes giving a part of yourself...

Love doesn't need a plan
I can love you with great spontaneity
but love takes passionate devotion...

Love doesn't require all your time
I can love you in the seconds of my day
but love takes a lifetime...
by: B. Peterson
Abeja Reina Dec 2016
So you just showed up in my life one day.
So you were rough around the edges. I liked that.
So you were kinda pushy. I liked that.
So you demanded that I not say good bye. When I wanted to.
So you made my heart flutter. I wasn't so sure I liked that.
So you were bossy too and yes I liked that.
So you became my friend. Yes my best friend.
So where did you go? I didn't like that.
So what the heck happened to you? I really didn't like that.
So you got me to fall for you. I knew I didn't like that.
So you disappeared. I really hated that.
So now I don't trust you. I dread that.
So now what? We give up I suppose?
by:   B. Peterson
Abeja Reina Dec 2016
In my darkness fear and panic flooding in.
I wait for a hand in the dark
As the night grinds me up.
No glimmer of rescue.
The darkness is like a heavy blanket
weighing me down.
Battling it like an angry animal so many endless nights.
No tender kindness, no loving embrace.
One failed rescuer lost to my heart forever.
Offered some comfort attempt.
Floating his boat in that harbor of dread.
But I am lost at sea, my legs dangle as bait for sharks that tear at my flesh as my life
force ebbs from my soul.
Cling cling to the rocks the thoughts screech
inside my skull....cling or it will swallow you!!

fear, PTSD, night terrors, terror, fright, scream
Abeja Reina Sep 2016
Forgetting the you, you never were

All these years to find each other
And then we lose one another
The universe is so cruel
When all I ever wanted was you in my arms

Forgetting the you, you can not be

Missing you hurts down to my bones
I ache from the inside out
The pain of losing you pulses in my veins
Illusion eyes filled with salty devastation

Forgetting the you, you are afraid to be

I am desperate to remove you from my heart
To extract you from my brain
To save my soul from despair

Forgetting the you, you fight so hard against

I send you deleted text messages everyday
"I miss u so much it hurts"
"I wish our love was real"
"I need....

Forgetting the you, I know you could be

Nothing you own matters to me
Everything you are does
The tenderness inside you touched my heart

I will never forget the you, you truly are
by: bpeterson
Abeja Reina Sep 2016
As I sank in my raging sea, you were my rock.

I was at my dead end, when you swaggered into my life.

You said I was hot, game on!  
I am a true game.

As I sank in my raging sea, you were my rock.

Oh how I loved my rock.
NO ONE stood a chance in my heart.
There was only room in my soul for my rock.
No one even got on my radar, you were my rock.

I loved my rock so solid, so real, so strong and so loving.
My rock the only place I could rest, where I could finally breathe.

How I loved my rock, so many sharks circled me but you were my rock.
and then...
My rock crumbled.
Left me alone, left me lonely, left me forever.

My rock left me flat on my face in the dirt.
I was a game, a joke, an option.

My rock was never real, and I am alone in my sea of tears
You are my rock no more...
by: bpeterson
Abeja Reina Sep 2016
The battle is owned by all.
Fallen take my hand as I can stand.
No one is left behind.
Bones of the long forgotten litter the land.
Dragging shards of my battered feelings.
I trudge through drifts of dead emotions.
On the eye scape the horizon of my future.
No cloaked boney finger pointing the way.
Laughter does not reside in my ears.
Echoes of might have beens waft in the air.
My damaged soul survives.
By BPeterson
Abeja Reina Aug 2016
You do not have to be perfect
to be wonderful.
You do not have to be a super hero
to be brave.
You do not have to be wealthy
to be generous.
You do not have to be old
to be wise.
You do not have to be abused
to be compassionate.
You do have to be human
to be humane.
By: B.Peterson
Abeja Reina Aug 2016
There is a lonely tether to never
So longingly lingering in your mind
Never will I kiss your handsome face
So basic and dire
Never will I feel your touch
So tragically final
Never will I fall into the serenity of your eyes
Such desolate longing
Never will I surrender to your whisper in my ear
So overwhelmingly sad
Never will I feel the happiness that was supposed be ours
So empty
By: B.Peterson
Abeja Reina Aug 2016
They haunt my dark corners
They linger like smoke in my eyes
They lead me down an empty path

The ghost of my past

They bring only acid tears
They chase away my fleeting joy
They trap my soul and **** my heart

The ghosts of my past

They can not destroy me now
They have no hold on my love
They cease to exhume my tragedies

You are the light of my future

You set my horizon ablaze
You ignite my imagination
You free my spirit

My past is only a ghost

By BPeterson
By b. Peterson
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