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Steve Page Aug 2018
I got places I need to go
I got people I need to see
I got plans to change the world,
but first I need to ***.
I'm in my 50s. My bladder ain't what it used to be.
saranade May 2015
the dreaded end. you can't even stand to be my friend.
remember our first "date"? you in bed early, yet I stayed late.
your friends adored me. you were too drunk to remember me.
have you a clue why you were naked in my sight
on our so romantic first night?
it wasn't because I am just that ******* hot.....
it's because your bladder could hold not.
and our last date? and every one inside our state...........
your friends compared my coolness to being greater than yours
and now all of my madness and passion just gets ignored.

You must not like someone being better than you.
Loving more than you.
What could have been....

— The End —