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Isabella Terry Oct 2016
Darling, your eyes are a chocolate sea,
And though I can swim, they are ever drowning me.
Your smile is the sun, so perfect and bright,
And oh so cold is the oncoming night.

Darling, your words are a siren’s song,
Beautiful, but they’ll have me dead before long.
Your hair is a fire, is burns down your back;
The smoke swirls forth and it paints my lungs black.

Darling, your name is a tritone chord,
It sounds so hypnotic, but it leaves my ears sore.
Your touch is a cloud in the middle of the day,
Delicate soft, and yet so far away.

Darling, your heart is a priceless masterpiece,
Colorful and pure, but so very out of reach.
My heart is porcelain, so easy to shatter,
But when I tape the shards together, I’ll pretend you never mattered.

— The End —