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Terry Collett Mar 2017
Dalya bought a burger
at the burger joint,
bought a beer
at the camp bar.

Sat on one
of the benches,
ate the burger.

Benny sat opposite,
ate his hot dog,
sipped his beer.

They'd been
into Stockholm,
saw the sights,
ate at some cafe
that did good meals.

Rock music churned out
over the loudspeakers,
ACDC stuff.

What you doing after?
She said.

There's a disco over
by the shower block,
he said.

Don't fancy it,
she said.

Where's the Yank girl?
He asked.

She's off
with the Aussie
in the City.

My tent or yours?
Benny said.

Makes no different,
she said.

If they come back
too soon we're *******.

She ate,
eyed him.

He sipped,
eyed her.

Her knees touched his
under the bench.

Won't be back
in awhile,
she said.

The ACDC ended.

Crowd noise.

Beer stink.

Burger smell.

Led Zeppelin
music started.

After we can,
she said.

My tent is best,
she added.

He nodded,

Music got louder,
got wild.
This world is set of vice and virtue
Good and bad play their due part
In front of Satan say we do, we do
Good ones have their way to depart

All those who are servant of God
Uphold the verdict not to astray
They are fully protected by Lord
They travel like a clear light ray

Servants of devil take double death
They carry along deplorable plight
They carry death with every breath
Their eyes are blind not to see light

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Terry Collett Jul 2016
At Hamburg
at base camp
young Dalya

says to me
what a dump
have to put

up our tents
that Yorkshire
***** couldn't

find her ****
with both hands
let alone

put up tents
but it's done
mostly by

me not her
standing there
mouth open

this or that
I watch her

taking out
a ciggie
and light it

with my blue
cheap lighter
then lit my

thanks she says
how'd you get

on with that
Aussie guy?
He was good

knew the ropes
had it up
in no time

I tell her
let's go for
a large beer

and burger
at some bar
she tells me

so we go
to some joint
in a field

order beers
and burgers
and French fries

I like her
she's sassy
and up front

and has nice
soft melons
pushing through

her tee shirt
she talks on
I listen

to her voice
and music
from high up

some rock stuff
and wonder

if we might
at some time
in some way

nestle down
in some place
she talks on

my hazel
eyes and brown

bearded face.
Terry Collett May 2016
That base camp at Malaga
tents and bars
and a wash-house

and showers
and best of all
of course

(after the bogs
and showers)
was the bar

and Miriam said
there's a disco tonight
at this place

you coming?
of course
why not

as long as you're here
and there's *****
I said

so we went
and it was hot
and there was too

many bodies dancing
(or such as
it was called)

and you had to fight
your way to the bar
through tides of people

in all kinds of clothing
and body smells
and hair styles

and girls with too much ****
so it blocked your way
and then once you got

to the bar you had
to make the bar keeper
understand your language

and if he could hear
through the din
of disco music

you eventually
got your drinks
and Miriam was over

in a corner at a table
she hogged
from some French guys

and she said
some guy pinched my ****
did he bring it back?

I said
she snorted through her nose
bringing up the last

drop of coke
I'm seriously
she said

sorry about that
and gave her her drink
and sipped my

*** and coke
and looked around the place
to see who may

have pinched her ****
but there were
too many bodies

dancing away
and chugging about
so I sat and said

I guess you have
a cute ****
and someone needed

to touch it to see
if it was real
maybe so

she said
but it's
my **** still.
Terry Collett Apr 2016
Auntie took me to the hut
where the wives of army men
could meet and talk
and drink tea and eat
home-baked cakes or buns

it was quite crowded
with wives and their kids
and she saw Milly
and her daughter Elsie
and walked over to them
where they were sitting

here sit here next to me
I'll get you a tea and cake
Milly said

o thank you
Auntie said
Benny you go with Milly
and she'll get you something

so I walked with Milly
and she got me a beaker
of orange juice
and I took a cake
and she got Auntie's stuff
and we walked back

Elsie was sitting
the other side of Auntie
and stared at me
as I approached

move up Elsie
Milly said
let Benny sit down
next to his auntie

Elsie pulled a face
and moved along a seat
unhappily and sat
staring at me

I wanted to sit there
she said

it's my auntie
I said

she's my Mum's friend
and my friend
Elsie said
you're not

I sat in-between
Auntie and Elsie
she pouted and glared
with her little eyes

I'm 5 and the oldest of us
so I should sit
where I want to
she muttered

I sipped my orange juice
didn't you bring your doll?
I asked her

no it wanted to sleep
and its too noisy in here
she said

maybe I can see your doll
at sometime?
I said

no it doesn't like you
she said

I nibbled my cake
did you want some
of my cake?
I asked her
looking at her

not if you've touched it
she said

Milly moved a hand across
and slapped Elsie's leg
don't be so horrible to Benny
she said
sorry about her Benny
she's got a mood on her
Milly said
and sat back
and talked to Auntie again

Elsie pouted harder
and stared at
her reddening leg
your fault
she whispered
rubbing the redness

want to look out the window
at the parade ground
and look at the soldiers
marching by
I said

she sighed softly
suppose can
she said

we got off the chairs
and walked through
the crowded room
and across to a window
at the other end
and climbed on chairs
to look out

she held my hand
to steady herself
then let it go
and we stared out
at the ground
and at soldiers marching by

I thought I saw
a tear in her
5 year old eye.
Terry Collett Mar 2016
We stopped at Madrid base camp
and I put the book
back in my duffle bag

what you reading?
Miriam said

I took the book out
and showed her

The Apostle?
what's it about?

St Paul you know
the guy who found Christ
on the road to Damascus

o him
she said
why are you reading
about him?

wanted to read
what he was like
and did
I said

she shrugged
and said
everyone for their own
salvation I guess

I put the book away
in the bag

we walked
to a base camp cafe
and ordered burgers
and cokes and sat
at a table together

who you sharing
a tent with?
she said

some young
ex army guy
I said

what's he like?
she said

he moans a lot
about the army
and his mother
and his mother's guy
whom he hates
I said

shame you can't
share with me
she said smiling
but I’ve got a tubby girl
with me who eyes
all the guys
but the guys avoid

I said
maybe she's all right

o she's all right
but not my type
she smiled
maybe we should
team her up
with that ex army guy
Miriam said
then we could shack up
and have good
night together

I looked at her
don't think
he'll be interested
he's off dames as well
some girl had
let him down
a few months back
I said

Miriam said
it would have been good

I guess it would
I said

we ate and drank
and went back
to our separate tents
to change
for the camp disco later

I watched her walked
with that swaying ***
and I walked back
over the damp grass.
Terry Collett Feb 2016
I walked Auntie's dog Dancer
across by the parade grounds
while Auntie did the washing
in the copper

the dog kept near me
as we walked
looking back at me
to make sure I hadn't got behind

we saw Auntie's friend Milly
with her 5 year old daughter Elsie

Dancer stopped and wagged its tail
and licked Milly's hand
and Elsie glared at me

hello Benny
Milly said

I said

say hello to Benny Elsie
Milly said

Elsie stared at her mother
then at me
hello to Benny Elsie
she said stiffly

no you bad girl
say it properly
or I'll slap your backside
Milly said

hello Benny
Elsie said grumpily

hello Elsie
I said politely
as Auntie said I should

what's your auntie doing?
Milly said

she's doing the washing
I said

o I see
well do you want
to come to our place
and have a glass of milk
and a biscuit?
she said

Dancer too?
I said

yes Dancer too
she said

Elsie pulled a face
and we walked back
to Milly's place
the other side
of the parade ground
and we went up
some black metal stairs
and into her flat

Milly went off
to the kitchen
with Dancer following  
to get him
a bowl of water
and us some
milk and biscuits

how are you?
I said to Elsie

she stared at me
like I was a bad smell
then said
hope you
don't stay long
I want to play
with my dolls
and don't want you
playing with them
boys don't play with dolls

I looked at her
trying to see
if there was a little bit
of a smile
but there wasn't
just her small lips
shut tight
and her eyes
looking at me

just come for milk
and biscuits
I said

Elsie put her hands
behind her back
and walked off
and sat on
a battered looking sofa

Milly brought us
milk and biscuits
and said to me
sit on the sofa
next to Elsie
and I'll go get
my cup of tea

off she went
and I sat next to Elsie
and she moved
along a bit
from me
and sipped her milk
and clutched her biscuits
in case Dancer came
and ate them
(which he would)

Milly came back
and sat down
in an old chair opposite
near the fireplace
with her cup of tea
well aren't
you two a pair
just like brother
and sister
Milly said smiling

don't want him
as a brother
Elsie said glumly

that's not nice Elsie
what's got into you
Milly said

Dancer came in
and sat opposite me
and wagged his tail
and looked at me
for a biscuit

I broke off a bit
and gave him some
and he took it gently
and it was gone
in the blink of an eye

then looked at Elsie
his head to one side
gazing at her

she broke off a bit
and gave it to me
to give to Dancer
and he took it gently
and then walked off
and sat down
by the fireplace

good dog
Elsie said

Milly talked
about her and Auntie
and about her husband
in Germany
and my uncle
in Korea

I sat a bit nearer
to Elsie as Milly talked
and Elsie looked at me
dark eyed and moody.
Terry Collett Dec 2015
She's back,
said Dalya,
the skinny Yank dame
is back, and shares my tent
with her perfume and talk;
her tales of whom she's had
and whom she's slept with
and how much they spent
on her and why and where.

Benny met me by the bar
in the Copenhagen base camp,
beers and smokes
and burgers and fries,
and me telling him
about the dame
and what she says
and does, and o that perfume
enough to drown in,
and he laughed
and said he heard
the Yank dame was after
the Aussie guy who
he shared a tent with
and the Aussie guy
was hot for her.

The base camp speakers
were pumping out Deep Purple,
high guitars
and bellowing vocals,
and Benny said when will
you and I get together again?
and I said
as soon as the dame goes
or leaves or shacks up
with another.  

We went into the City
and saw some sights,
the Tivoli Gardens,
the Little Mermaid statue,
and had a few more beers
and smokes
and he kissed me
and it was a hot kiss,
and I wanted him,
but there was no where to go,
so I just carried
the image of him
back to my tent
and where I,
well you know.
Terry Collett Dec 2015
That time we went to Fez
and you said
it's like Biblical times
all these fecking donkeys
and camels and people
dressed like Jesus
I said to Miriam

so it was my first time
and we had to leave
the vehicle outside
the gates of the city
she said

we were sitting
at the Moroccan bar
of the camp base
sipping cokes
and had French loaf
sandwiches on plates
beside us

but it was good
I said
and that mosque
I went in was great  
I had to take off
my sandals mind you
but hey the site
inside was good

I didn't go in
but that market
was out of this world
she said

she sat on a stool
beside me sipping her coke
she had a pink tee shirt
and red shorts
-I loved red-
and bare feet

I looked at the feet
recalling mouthing
her toes that night
in Malaga after
the shower
at the camp base there
and well the rest followed

I bit into the French roll sandwich
cold lamb meat
and some kind of pickle

those women wore
those black gown things
she said
could only see their eyes
I don't think I could wear
one of those
I like to be seen
and why bother
to wear make up
or wear something skimpy
if you've got one
of those on
she said

they don't I guess
that's their religion
I said

she bit into her French roll
and was silent

she smelt
of apples and hay
and I could have licked her
but we sat and ate
and thought of the beach
and moon and stars
and ***
if not too late.
Cat Fiske May 2015
He had a musical talent others strive to have,
I only wanted to hear him,

hear each finger as they touched the strings,
of his left handed base,

get to sit there and listen to him play,
get to hear him play,

get to maybe learn how to play myself,
or just fool around,

perks of being a lefty too,
but I haven't gotten to hear him play,

he for the time being lives far away,
and when miles don't separate us,

the time will,
the time and effort we can put in to see each other,

to hear each other,
waiting for one another will become a painful task,

every summer day will be hard to last because we just,
will eventually get tired,

the same old waiting game,
gets old fast and quick,

and if I remember correctly the last time we got to be together,
my friend felt the decency to kick,

his sack,
and the fact,

even though I repeatedly asked,
what the hell happened,

he nor she nor anyone really,
told me why,

but he told me every reason he thought could of been why,
and I know he didn't lie when he said he didn't know,

I heard him tell me everything he did know,
and that was more then enough for me to know,

how I wanted to hear him play his base,
and listen to him as I played with his hair,

I wanted him to hold me close,
like its too close for comfort,

the sweet whispers sound like screams,
but nothing's out of a bad dream,

this dream is good and real,
and you can hear and feel everything like you're meant to,

I wanted him to leave his mark,
so i'll never forget where he's been,

so it be easier to remember what he has said,
when he treats me with a respect and grace i've never been given,

and even if he does love someone else,
and I can't love him anymore than puppy love,

would I stop caring?
why would I?

even when romance wasn't on the table,
we were friends,

I wanna hear the echoes and repeats playing sound tracks of friends,
because I know I can't,

have him,
and that I dont even deserve him,

but I still want to hear him play,
his left handed base,

and everyday,
I still miss him,

and hope,
**to hear him play.
about someone I really care about
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