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Jo Baez Jun 2016
Some days I hear the sound of burning violins.
As I bury my love ones in the cemetery of my mind.
Some days I wish I could cut into my body and pull whatever it is that makes me feel love.
I'll tie it from it's limbs and hang it outside my window.
Watch the rope slowly tatter and tear.
As I hang the rest of my emotions on tree branches.
Cast fire upon it and watch them burn.
Some days I pray,
sometimes I wish.
That we would all die
and live in peace.
Jo Baez Jun 2016
Got in my car.
I drove down my alley.
Driving straight across the bridge.
Now I'm parked above the road,
staring down into the freeway.
I turned my radio on
but all I hear is silence.
I can hear myself think.
Sometimes I like to sit in my car
and remove myself from existence.
As I stare Infinitely at infinite amount of human beings sitting inside their cars driving.
Where are they going?
I imagine myself in each car
living a million life's and I still find myself feeling lost, directionless, and looking over at my rear end mirrors.
Jo Baez Jun 2016
Why is it that at the end of every sentence I write.
There's a man with a knife piercing it's blade into the back of my brain.
My mind feels colder this year.
Minutes die faster but hours live longer.
Half-empty water bottles like my goals scattered across my room.
I wrapped a noose around concequences neck and kicked the chair he stood on.
I watched his legs dangle like dancing ballerinas on top of a frozen creek.
His face went colorless.
Then I buried him beneath my bed.
Jo Baez Jun 2016
It's like a vampire, and one of those lord of the rings elf gave birth to her. She has beautiful pallid skin, ****** lips, aesthetic smile, and a angelic face. She's dressed in life, I wore deaths suit and tie. We're oppositions swimming in a paradox but
Love approved of us with blessings.
Will you stay with me?
Jo Baez Jun 2016
I've always been the fool,
Whom walked through bodies of gardens with hovering hands.
Touching petals with the tip of my fingers till I picked the prettiest rose.
Blooming in the garden of the ugliest inner rib cage.
Impatient hands forcing the fold of fingers.
Grasping mistake after mistake again.
Till my eye caught the glistening black of aesthetic beauty at the ends of your throat.
Arm stretched, down the mouth of the abyss.
Finger tips caressing torn petals,
Thorns settled into my skin.
I pulled the scarlet blood rose out your throat and I fell in love with the withering.
They say that no one loves a flower when it withers away but I loved you.
Jo Baez Jun 2016
I don't want this feeling to die.
if it's temporary, I promise love will cut out temporaries heart and longevity will take its place.
Jo Baez Jun 2016
A love like air.
I can't see it but I know when I think of you.
I can feel it and it's there.
Jo Baez Jun 2016
If you were drowning.
I swear that I would dive right in and drown with you.
Jo Baez Jun 2016
I bit the idea of love too close to comfort.
You made me feel human pain again.
A lot like the love life and death held together.
Jo Baez Jun 2016
I slit all my love ones throats and hung them by their necks on my ceiling.
I store their voices inside music boxes spread across my room.
Here's where past and present make love and gave birth to future...
Advice, screaming out my name.
Slice of life lessons, yelling trying to get my attention.
But I met death before I could hear my love ones sing me melodies of morality.
Death placed deaf's knife in my hands and said
"live like your dead"
As she cut my ears off and everything went....
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