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Emma Dec 2018
His touch is reverential,
Like he doesn’t understand how he is allowed to touch something as numinous and holy as me
But I can hardly see him when he’s kneeling before me
You set my soul on fire and left me here to burn out on my own
What does it mean that the ashes you left behind still blow towards you?
I’m moving on because I have to, there is no you
I carry this heartbreak on my back like a second home to hide myself in
I see why the turtles move so slowly
Just because you’re the only one, doesn’t mean there won’t be other ones
At least that’s what I tell myself and him
His hands bring the ghost of yours and I am tears beneath the touch of skin on skin
I still see your silhouette in the doorway past his shoulder when he moves in me,
Prayers dripping from his lips like therein lies the keys to my absolution, my sanctity
It doesn’t matter how I hold him, you’re the one who’s in my thoughts
You’re the one whose arms I’d burn again to be wrapped up in
I let him take up space, and I don’t understand, I didn’t think that this was who I was
Why am I still yours when you have left me here to drown
And all I can see of the surface is the bubbles that trail up
My skin is cracked
split apart

Mucous forms, blood bubbles
fat popping

Hair afire!
skull snapping
arm bones

Collapsed in two
scream fire

To Ashen State,
To Ashen State,


To Ashen State,
To Ashen State,

A Man cannot be the  Sun.
Sibyl Oct 2016
Tonight, I drowned myself to sleep
with oil and
the prayers that
I keep
suspended in regret,
my faith
I steeped
with hopes of
grain and blood,
I reaped
the vast
shadow of the past, I creep
the scrying eyes,
I weep
for broken arms
raised to the sky, I leaped
without clinging
to the land I loved,
I sweep
the poison of my men,
I seep.
My heart lies in the dreams I heaped
Tonight, I drowned myself to sleep.
"Better an ignis fatuus. Than no illume at all —"

— The End —