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What am I doing in my life?
"You are living it."

Am I where I should be?
"That answer belongs only to you."

Do I matter? Does my life?
"You alone decide."

Where do answers come from?
"An ever-growing heart and mind."

And if I cry uncontrollably?
"Love is eternity in the making."
Issa Aug 2014
Take a picnic to a meadow,
A walk next to a creek.
Spend a day in the mountains,
Swim in the ocean so deep.

And tell me there isn't a God.
something I wrote when I was eleven, inspired by a Facebook comment replying to an atheist
and there should be a tune attached to it that sounds like ochre :DDDD
Zach Abler May 2014
I can't come to a point of understanding
Doubters and their condescension.
Seeing the life beyond seeing,
It is Life Himself they're questioning.

When Life came unbounded by space and time,
When Life lived like sand but even more fine,
Came to live with us, came from no matter how far.
Came to us on Earth, Bright and Morning Star.

In tranquil birth, caused the wise to fall on their knees,
Come in, sinner, needing no tax or fees.

In peaceful death, caused all the Earth to be forever quaking,
A click shot to the head, Death is crippled, walks without stinging.

I can't seem to understand, how unclear it can be,
How can Doubters call illogical, loving unconditionally.

How can they call the breaking of chains, a fake institution of freedom.
When Life came, and saw through our shame and called us inheritors of His Kingdom.

In tranquil birth, in peaceful death,
Beyond the grave, a victor in defeat.
In tranquil birth, in peaceful death,
I still don't get your lack of belief.

— The End —