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Dylan McFadden Jan 2019
I take no comfort
In anything apart from
My rest in Your arms

Mark Wanless Jun 2016
You got to have it you do you gotta
have it the unheard voices say so loud
we are what we eat garbage in garbage
out mind food everywhere drip drip drop
wearing away rock filling up oceans
high as a mountain deep as the sea we
are shaped and be a shape drip drip drop
unique and infinite snowflakes do not
even deserve to carry our baggage
humbly you sense it you consume it
and are a new being one molecule
at a time we go somewhere lead follow
or get shoved out of the way the world is
our private playground killing field heaven
we dream we control for safeties sake we
group bodies and souls together and live
and think and breathe synchronized tighter
than fish turn now into fortunate
circumstances with skilful means learned at the
knee of god awareness none other than
that which moves us sentient beings are
what i don't know how to exclude grass and
rocks from mind light pool wavy source of all
gravity wells included

— The End —