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Grey May 2018
Broken ribs and bruised knuckles
A war I fought long and hard
For you to lie comfortably on your bed
The sacrifices I made were necessary
My love I have been to hell
Only to come back to you with another man.
You've got what you wanted a child from him.
Was it necessary?
The breaking of my heart for your desires?
Is this the one of many reasons you find happiness?
If so I am happy for you.
Don't say you ever loved me.
It wasn't true
Arcassin B Sep 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

Just a little piece I wrote to remember you by,
Got nothing but love unconditionally in design,
When my notifications go off I know it's you,
Love that's just so smart and so simple it can't disguise,
Soul is dead and not even in a good way,
I'm I have love for you on both sides,
You turned my heart into a boil , my mind is deep fried,
But you not seeing me as that way is no surprise,
Miss Jean,

And I told myself time and time again, this girl has no desire,
I didn't know that we were friends , I must have dropped myself
In fire,
But I'll burn for you if you want me to,
But I'll burn for you if you want me to,
Does it come as a shock that i am not trying to pursue,
Miss Jean.
Engineer Mikay Feb 2016
There’s this girl
Who seen a lot of pain
There’s this girl
Who will smile again
There’s this girl
Who knows when to cry
There’s this girl
Who will only say goodbye
There’s this girl
Who had nothing
There’s this girl
Who keeps everything
There’s this girl
Who cannot sleep tonight
There’s this girl
Who gonna be alright…


— The End —