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tabachikoi Jun 2014
Cursed by my imagination,
teaming with echoes of situations
I do not feel well,
pressed beneath this spell

Polishing my social skills,
with one more drink, and two more pills
I do not feel good,
I thought by now I would

Bound by my own disposition,
the endless hunt to find fruition
I'm insatiable,
even if my cup is full

It's like one thousand paper cuts, soaked in vinegar
It's like a battles within myself, that leaves me insecure
tabachikoi Jun 2014
tabachikoi Jun 2014
departing you are
pain and anxiety comes
your absence kills me
143(I Miss You not I Love You)
tabachikoi Jun 2014
Overnight alone, swifting out to be disport
Nonetheless I'm numb to loneliness
Begging please I don't want you in my head
Because the truth is I'm numb about you

Got home, Still alone no one's there
Time fades fast I didn't even see it coming
There are things still obscene on my thoughts
The last way I reckon is to turnaway from the past

Because a girl like you also feels the way I do
And sometimes we're just like puzzled on whatever we do
Tears are not needed to be more
I don't want to forget but I know thats also the end

Did I forget how to love?
Or my heartache is the reason why
Even how many times I got hurt
I still can't leave
tabachikoi Jun 2014
**** it out
it's just a burst and motivation every morning,
and to my thoughts to keep them flowing
tabachikoi Jun 2014
Strangled by words
Of treachery and deceit--
Breathed nothing but lies!
tabachikoi Jun 2014
hot sun up today                                        
on windows showing his ray                    
makes me loathe this pace~

— The End —