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Subrat Apr 2018
If you fall,
You will definitely rise
Because its
Principle of life
Subrat Oct 2017
My wobbling mind asked me a question
Are you sure ,about your love?
my eyebrows rose, wrinkles were seen
meanwhile a drop of sweat lean.
I felt like being cheated.
But, my conscience abused me
slapped straight on my cheek
i muddled in between conversations of my own.
Then I tried to stay strong
as i knew how much she loved me
and i knew how much I did.
Because she was my favorite destination, and hopefully, my destiny.
This is the pure trust that one have
Subrat Oct 2017
Yeah, we fight a lot,
Sometimes intendedly
And sometimes seriously.
But, the moment you hang up my call,
I realize the pain of being hurt.
I cry a lot, disturbing my thoughts,
Still, everytime your love acts as the cure,
To those wounds of yours.
You are my punisher as well as my healer.
Oh! the thought itself brings me chills,
On the day you spare my wounds,
I would be nothing but a soulless corpse,
And love would sob in the deserted Thorp.
Subrat Sep 2017
Clouds started gathering,
Darkness engulfed the sky.
Droplets began pouring,
Flooding me with a sense of your love.
Touching me and
Weaving my heart with dreams,
Dreams of us being together, always.
O that it should realize, these are nothing but masquerades.
Subrat Sep 2017
Picturing you in my dreams
Make me feel complete
Even without your presence
Subrat Sep 2017
The moment when you came closer,
And brought your lips near to mine,
When your breath makes me feel warm,
Melts my heart and intoxicates me like wine.
That feeling,
so fragile.
Something you make me taste,
Becomes my flavour favorite.
But, never again did I taste your lips,
Or see that beautiful face.
The memories we made are still present in my mind,
Haunting my heart like a sweet maligned.
Subrat Sep 2017
Many would say 
Yes,I am fool
If I laid awake at night
And only thought of you

Dreaming of you
Have become my hobby
I can't imagine
Life without you.

Yes, I am dumb
Stupid even, for you
You never felt my feelings
Yet destroying those was easy for you.
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