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when i look at life
in all its complexity
i see a river
making its sinuous way
from the high snowcapped mountains
to the currents, waves and tides
of the eternal ocean
and there to evaporate
rising up in silver clouds
above the towering peaks
to rain and snow upon them
and flow down again
i cry in the night
with no one to share my grief
just the moon and stars
my tears stream down unnoticed
now that I have lost it all
and my past and my future
blur to distant horizons
and my life seems a mirage
yet somewhere deep inside me
there is a tiny glimmer
that refuses to be snuffed
defiant, ever hopeful
reaching for the sun
the wealth of your life
is in the love that you sow
and gently nurture
in this cluttered life
flooded with empty data
we are all drowning
seize everything
that is precious to me
and steal it away
yet I will still be rich
for you can never take
the love within my heart
that will always be there
as long as I live
lemon yellow sun
through the cool white morning mist
on the woodland lake
bird song like flowers bursts out
above the mutter of ducks
whiffs of breakfast and coffee
come from the crackling campfire
and I feel one with it all
as the day begins afresh
with dawn's absolution
bright and full of hope
every set - back
is an opportunity
seize it and grow
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