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Promises kept
Promises broken
Silence so loud
Words left unspoken

Every thing's over
Before it's begun
Why am I lonely
If you were the one

You said goodbye
With a look in your eyes
Yet the words that you spoke
Were nothing but lies

You spoke of forever
Happy endings to be
But the story you told
Was pure fantasy

Misery, my company
My world dressed in gray
Steady rain of sorrow
The sun has gone away

Silence so loud
Words left unspoken
No promises kept
My heart is just broken
what a mess
in the flesh.
and i contest
you to confess
that i am in fact
a pest.
Written Feb. 15
Sunrise on a fat contented morning


Melted colours brushed across a waking sky

The place where rainbows come to die

Recycled as a new day dawning
A simple poem about the sunrise
Better to stand on my own two clay feet,
than bolster someone else’s crumbling tarsals and fallen arches.

‘I didn’t want to deserve better as long as I had you.’
- Lidia Longorio, Hey Humanity
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