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Shanna Stylee Oct 2018
My day’s coming soon
Will I fall to my knees in self defeat?
will I hold my head up high whether or not I succeed
Will I see it coming or will the darkness creep up behind me
Can I avoid being too late
I must get ready to be put away
My own conscience lying in wait
This is the bed that I have made
I don’t listen to myself anymore
Its my mistakes that have made it this way
In my head is too much to take
An infinite amount of worry each day
Stress anxiety paranoia this is my mental state
Thankful I still remember to pray
Pray unceasingly a privilege so great
In Jesus name these bad habits I break
Tempted enough to expect it will never go away
I can start over if I suffer through the pain
Shanna Stylee Jul 2018
Fantasies of a being in a Family,
   Collecting Clouds that dim reality.

Looking the past in the eye of tragedy,
   Better off than dead, it is so sad to see.

Never anything more; only to Abound in secrecy.
   Time & time again; failing to see it through

How do you expect me to fall in love with you?
   Will you stop yourself? will you ask for help?

Or will you just continually act a fool?

Lies are owned in the mirror
   Inability to tell yourself the truth

Will you start with something new
   Or go back to the old tried and true

Simply dying to live
   Is music the only reason to breathe?

Will you ever stop running to hide?
   Making excuses and manipulating chance

Cry out for real for once
   To fall in love with your self, first desire the painful relief

from dropping your heavy head in your tired hands
love, forgive, forget, hate my self, keep secrets, honesty is hard
Shanna Stylee Mar 2018
Well.. no I don't know what to call it,
a bond that cannot be broken.
When I'm with you, I can't stop fallin',
I just forget about this town full of nothin'.

I wasn't ready to fall in love,
but in you I put all my trust-
I began to go to bed
& I found out how to rest
but i'm never too tired-
my heart is on fire.
wakin' up to that good mornin kiss
can you believe what time it is?
i never thought it would feel like this

we been kickin' it for a while
and i finally found out
that its me and you against the world
i know you feel my baby
what we got is crazy
did you ever think that I would be your girl?

I wasn't ready to fall in love.
But in you I put all my trust.
We began to go to be We found out how to rest
But i'm never too tired my heart is on fire
wakin' up to that good mornin kiss
can you believe how late it is
i never thought it would feel like this

my pain disappears when you walk in the room
i'm beginning to miss you when you start lookin for your hat
knowin' its time you gotta go
dont worry though i'll be right here waiting when you get back

i wasn't ready to fall in love
but in you i put all my trust
we began to go to bed
and found out how to rest
but i'm never too tired
my heart is on fire
wakin' up to that good mornin kiss
can you believe we slept this late again
i never thought it would feel as good as this.
Shanna Stylee Mar 2017
Im about to peel the skin off my face.

                 that i cant seem to escape

W a s t i n g all this p r e c i o u s time
pretending because i continue hesitate..
Not sure of myself at all anymore**

I have to save my soul before its too late

To Leave everything or to stay?

Which is my biggest mistake?
Shanna Stylee Feb 2017
I Surrender my self to God. For  He is ready to take my pain away and lift my burdens.<br>
I need a way out.
I been praying so hard  with my mind and my mouth .
If only my distractions could disappear and turn my direction into a direct route.
Until im shown the way  i will continue to pray and let go of all this doubt.
Seeking God first brings peace in the storm and in Jesus name will deliver me right now.
Serenity is what i desperately need.
As prayer is the most powerful thing in the world as long as it is truly believed.
Time though i fear is being wasted as i still am drowning in the sea.
My comforter shines Light inside of me and i thank God for confirming my faith is concrete.
As im standing on the top of the bottom , i can begin to breathe.
Washed white as i confess my sins , and blessed as i repent.
Praying harder now than before saying thank You Lord for rescuing me again.
Where would i be without my best  friend?
Severely wounded, Blind, lame, and lost.
Id be so confused no matter what i did.
  Sep 2015 Shanna Stylee
I fell in love
when love was lost;
always the hand
that comforts,
the muse you use
to bathe distress;
and the insects I dissect
to impress the wrinkles sprinkled
along your favorite dress;
forever repressed
are those depressed,
in a coffin shell
in a satin hell.

Through your
persistent assistance,
we formed an
ethereal resistance
with the stories
that we made,
talked of self-
proclaimed renegades;
fiction more accurate
than the non-;
a panoramic view
from beyond,
just outside
the rising tide
that we love
to criticize
when together,
wielding doubled-
edged blades.

In the chameleon-
esque plains
that we became
one in
our skin, our eyes,
our lies.

Truth was
of no importance,
with invention
a reliance
to our home-
remedied alliance;

way to
  Sep 2015 Shanna Stylee
Jack Thompson
Every one of these girls.
Wants to be my muse.
But baby I ain't ready for that ****.
I'm just way too confused.

I could take you in.
Swim in the hearts I've collected.
But baby in the end.
You might find yourself rejected.

I'm a dangerous mess.
Never was good at abstaining.
You can be my addiction for tonight.
A sweet affliction I ain't restraining.

I know all the right ways.
To do the wrong things.
I know how it feels.
To have a heart that stings.

Am I the worst?
Or just worse than you expected.
What if it was reversed.
And it was my mind you infected?
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015

Rap music induced.
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