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I want you to know that I try so to show
Everyone that I love just what they mean to me
Whether I say it often
Or seldom at times
My words are sincere, and I mean every one
Sometimes I worry
Sometimes I fear
That I say it so often, sometimes it may seem
That my words have less meaning
Or more than they should
And someone may take wrong my words once they're sung
But, I believe credit is due where it's earned
So, you can take this any way that you will...
The moments with you
Whether many or few
Have each one been an honor for me to have shared
Hopefully trust is a thing I have earned
So you'll know there is truth in my words, and no ill
Thank you for being such amazing friends
Each moment with you has been beyond all compare
Her doorway holds the way between
His hand and the heart he spilled
About faith
Lean against the walls in time
All in wait for her reply
Something meaningful to help return the hurt
They speak about the their world in turns
Sudden break within the boundary
Of the levees of her closed and drying tears
Opens the doorway
With brighter eyes; Return

The time slows by
And earth shall not cease to turn

Against the wall
Light shadows mood
In lieu of promises no one sure to keep
He’s not a liar, so he thought
He holds on painfully a bit too tight
She’s crushed within a comforted grip
Her eyes no longer separate between the lives
Seen reasonable or rational
To believe his words today
And the coming days with smile and a tear

The time slows by
And earth shall not cease to turn
Spinning silently when nothing’s right
Leaving hesitantly when nothing’s wrong

The doorway holds two worlds between
Closed eyes and the shudders of their dreams
Memories in reverse repetition, slowed

© 2008
No More
so many have died
as you sit in your comfy chairs
children are dieing
families are seperating
no good ever comes from it
No More Wars

Food becomes limited
costs go up
money disappears
luxury no longer exists

Hospitals become full
children become orphans
women become widows
men lose their wives

No body ever wins
we all lose
so please
from the bottom of my heart
as a member of the human race
and on behalf of all life without a voice
His chest rising and falling
That is all that I can look at
The bed is in the middle of the room
The center of attention

I have been waiting, anticipating, praying
to escape this dark room
where the only sounds are his breathing and
the consistent beeping that let’s me know he is still here.

I’m stuck. Motionless. Blank.
The sun from the window tells me to come alive
I can’t. It’s too hard.
He stirs and I stay put

I look to the side table
Those ******* flowers
smiling at me
So out of place
RIP dad.
 Jan 2015 Selena Jance
Eli Smith
You traced every contour of my body
Every wrinkle of skin that I hate
Every cellulite budge that I find repulsive
And told me that I was beautiful in skin that I have been fighting my whole life to crawl out of.
In your arms I feel whole
The weight of the world is no longer my own
I feel weightless.
Pushing myself deeper into you
So deep that my problems no longer matter
You make it all go away
You make me feel beautiful through long nights
Through tragic days
Through pain as well as glory.
You make me feel like I can do this.
Thank you.
I would
   slit my wrists;
bleed myself
   to near death
if only
   the river of blood
would carry me to you
I dedicate this to you, Lzzy <3
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