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Cassidy  Mar 2013
Cassidy Mar 2013
you invite her in,

as she knowingly falls into your subliminal abyss.

she gnaws on her pale pink lips,

almost violently enough to cause crimson blood to drip.

no longer is she timid,

because she’s not naive, and neither are you.

she stares up at you with those bright, yet jaded eyes,

tearing you apart as you tug at the fragile lace that encompasses her waist.

calloused fingertips graze against collarbones,

then silently discovering their way here and there.

she inhales the sweet atmosphere that surrounds,

opening her eyes just wide enough,

capturing the sullen skies that threaten to collapse above.

but the comforting familiarness in the empty inches that lie between your ribs,

make her feel at home.
Lucan Nov 2011
on your maturation:
now our lust's "love,"
not infatuation.

Romantic "deficits,"
confiscatorial "trends" --
**** your "benefits" --
where's my dividends?

I tried to really kiss you,
not co-impregnate a tissue.

I must confess
I love that dress --

more or less!

-- I'd die for you (you said)
-- I'd mumble you in bed.

you  me  us  me
us-me-you  you-me-us-you-me-you
you-me-­us-us-me-me-me --

Three coins in the fountain?
Who in hell's been counting?

Nod, smile; I'm playing along
while they're "playing our song."

demands its peephole:
Maybe we should see
other people.

"The last time I saw her
she'd hired a lawyer."
storm siren  Jul 2018
storm siren Jul 2018

Did this.


Broke this.
Keith W Fletcher Apr 2020
there are those that claim
that you - no you!- no you are to blame
so what is the truth?
when it really comes to be
that which was ignored..
...may have cost more
than anyone of us.... or I could afford

For power is often salacious
to those most most perverse
intent on halting all progression
putting the gears into reverse
meeting lawful non-conformance
with overbearing aggression
for them - any question becomes resistance
and reason for unreasonable oppression

long before ever existed our constitution
when Kingly whims were sacrosanct
John Adams spoke of that to come
as a nation of laws - not of men
And that would be great if only twer true
for so often these days and times
they don't apply to I and I
only to you and you.    

I am who you must obey  until you become I - YOU have naught to say
you must comply -you must...
...WHAT EVER I SAY FOR YOU youyouyou to do ! you must do!"

You may have been lucky enough to claim
Wasn't here ...didn't make the rules
meaning that I'm not... I'm not... I'm not to blame
I see no unjust inequality here ... being done to you
don't blame me because I'm not you
and we are not the same
  just submit and obey ... do whatever is said
by the mini- Kings of the day
until comes that time
when there are no more"yous" to abuse
the gun barrel... seeks out a new target stance
if then and only then
my friend... you realize
what many of us already do
that as a nation of laws..
... not of men
if all men "created equal" really is true
we are all the same ...who do we blame
for having not a clue...not realizing
that we are US And I am you?
emily  Oct 2013
emily Oct 2013
there’s a reason for the way my heart quivers
when you speak, when you are silent,
you are here, you are not here.  but your name stills my lips,
courses through my ebbing veins, i feel you
igniting my bones all the same.

i love with the whole of my being: give my all,
give you my everything, with the knowledge
that it might never be enough.
you may realize
i am not worth the work.  i will give you
the potential to ruin me & if you do,
every second will be precious
because this means you will have meant
to me.

what matters is this: you make me feel
like a person.  your smile never ceases
to scrub my soul soft & clean
with light & i want
all of you, your every insignificant
thought, your slightest
expressions, your seething
hurt.  give me
your goriest depths &
i will believe them beautiful.

& if you leave, when
you leave, there will be nothing to
forgive.  i will watch
your lovely, retreating form with
a smile smoldering my lips because
you happened to me,
you mattered,
& this will sometimes be difficult
to recall to memory, but i will not

you have taught me to be brave,
brazen, unabashed, unafraid.
the wanting you is worth the probability
of losing & failing.  you are worth it.  
i give you myself, i give you
my love.

the future is your fingers threading my hair.
my manic hands clutching at your t-shirt
to desperately hold you closer. your breath
becoming my breath. the deathless
of our more-than-selves.

[i dive within the catacombs of my heart
for an answer & emerge with
Olivia Daniels Jan 2019
He made me a playlist
of lullabies and melodies
(well really EDM)

for good mornings
when he wasn't there
but thought of me anyways

Something Wonderful for the Morning
but not as wonderful as him
I hope he knows.

say hello
greet the day
drop the bass
think of you

In all my years of
boy after boy
I found one who thinks of me.

you can't understand
how much it means to me
when my philosophy has always been
music is a part of me

and you got it right.
AE  Jan 2015
falling (helpless)
AE Jan 2015
i feel a sensation of falling every time i think of you. the thought of your smile and your arms and how you could suffocate me but instead you chose to hold me. i remember the way you used to stutter when we talk and how red your face got when i laughed at your cheesy jokes. i only ever want your kiss, your touch, your love, i really only ever want you. and i know i will never have the privilege of knowing how that feels. i try so hard to forget you, i drink until i cannot remember my own name and the only thing leaving my lips is youyouyou. and when i wake up tomorrow with bloodshot eyes and an ache in my heart i'll blame the cheap liquor. i would risk my life just to hear you laugh one more time. i am sitting alone thinking of your hand on my thigh and your words swimming around in my brain. one day you will find someone who makes your heart flutter and you will make her the happiest girl alive and that is when i will erase every memory of you from my skin.
something i wrote at 2am about a boy who will never love me like i am hopelessly in love with him.

— The End —