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The Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere is this Sunday, April 12th, and that means you need to scramble to find a way to watch a live HBO stream online. But among the sea of illegal ways you’ll find to watch Game of Thrones online, you’ll get spyware, viruses and very low quality streams. And, there is the fact that it IS illegal. However, there are a couple of legal ways to watch an HBO stream online on your TV, PC, Tablet or smartphone that were announced earlier this year and will be available by Sunday’s Game of Thrones premiere.
The easiest way to watch Sunday night’s Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere via live stream is on this year’s newly announced ScreenVariety which just added the Live HBO channel to its lineup of add-on channels. For $15/month, users can add HBO to their ScreenVariety package so that they’ll be able to watch Game of Thrones Season 5. ScreenVariety works on virtually any streaming device you own, including Roku players, Xbox One, your smartphones and tablets. The best part about ScreenVariety is that you don’t need a contract to use it, and can cancel the HBO package after the Season 5 finale if you’d like to. But, the big negative of ScreenVariety is that only one device can stream at one time, and you can’t access ScreenVariety through your PS3 or any other device not listed. There is a seven day free trial available for ScreenVariety, although you can’t add packages to the core package with the trial.
So if you’re a fellow cordcutter like myself, here are a few 100% legal ways to watch Game of Thrones via a live HBO stream online:

w w w . g a m e o f t h r o n e s . s c r e e n v a r i e t y . c o m

It's been a long, cold winter as we've waited for the real winter to come...Game of Thrones' winter, that is! It's been one full year since we've journeyed to the land of Westeros for new episodes of HBO'***** fantasy drama and now, our wait is finally over, as season five premieres this Sunday.
This is the season we've all been waiting for, book enthusiasts and non-book readers alike, as the show has caught up to where George R. R. Martin's novels have stopped, and it's become a fact that this season is going to feature stories that haven't been in the books...yet. No one truly knows what's going to happen (besides Martin and the showrunners, of course), so for the first time since this show premiered, we're all in this together!
The mastermind behind all of Game of Thrones, Martin, promises that there are going to be some major surprises for book readers...including the fates of some characters who everyone thinks are safe.
"Yes, there will be [surprises]," Martin tells E! News. "[Executive producers] David [Benioff] and Dan [D. B. Weiss] are bloodier than I am so no one is safe here. Even characters who are still alive in the books will die in the series. What can you do? Hold on to your seats and hope it's not your favorite character who winds up beheaded or disemboweled or poisoned."
DCgirl Sep 2017
Jonnnn the Targaryen                        
Cute but a wimp                        
His sisters Sansa and Arry                      
Are the Lady and the Chimp                        
His Mom and Dad were King and Queen of the land of Westeros                        
They were killed by Robert Barry
and now Cersei is the bosssss
For those who don't know what this is, please Google the theme song to Dave the Barbarian (cartoon from the 2000s) and sing along!
I sang/messaged this to my friends (IN CAPS) last year when Jon's parentage was confirmed.. felt like sharing it here just because!
fatemadememortal Sep 2017
i love the feeling of
stumbling across something
i didn't know i was looking for
like listening to spotify and hearing that one song
or finding out the word "alexithymia" exists

the inability to experience, express, or describe
an emotional response
if you want the psychiatrist's definition
to me
it is simply
the inability
to put my feelings into words

and even if i did, the crippling fear that they wouldn't be heard
or if they were, but by the wrong person
and then what might they think?
seeing my words here in indelible ink
presuming that perhaps now
they know me?

you don't know me any more than
jon snow knows what's going on in westeros
you could no sooner describe me
than a dog could describe a rainbow
i am foreign to you - alien, weird
and as i sit here
i am paralyzed by fear

because what if i've lost the words?
the one constant in my life
my unerring ability to write
about the world around me and process it on paper
but now i sit and stare at a blank page
while trying to cling to thoughts that are like fleeting vapors

what if
what if
what if...
what if i lost the words?
Who will sit on the iron throne?
Will anyone outlive the doom to come?
For the winter forewarned,
Has reached our shores.
The threat scantly believed,
Is here to wipe out all that breathes.

The Night King is coming.
A dragon of ice in tow.  
To conquer Westeros,
And all that lay claim to the throne.

The wall will fall.
Innumerable lives will be lost.
Who will endure, to rule it all?
Only the Three-Eyed Raven knows. . .
Vinnie Brown  Mar 2018
Vinnie Brown Mar 2018
Let’s go get lost, what do ya say?
Anywhere is better than here
Narnia isn’t too far
Hogwarts is just over the bridge
The Hundred Acre Woods is close
How about Westeros?
Maybe, your feelin’ Halloweentown?
Neverland is just a short walk
To be honest, we could stay right here
In this moment
Make our own fairytale
If you’re up for it...

— The End —