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Kewayne Wadley  May 2018
Kewayne Wadley May 2018
I sought love.
Drinking from the cup of your hand.
I learned to replenish which you pour.
I made sure your hands were always full.
Continuing to hold what you've poured into life.
My life.
Finding a language stirred to life.
To confess what's on our mind.
It takes a steady hand to fill the gap of what's missing.
Your hand to my lips.
An ideal devotion to being our natural self.
Finding ourselves half full.
Our thirst softening the more we pour
Lara Volkova Jun 2015
Grasping eternity by the neck in tremor
causing my insides to rot.
Too cold to replace my teeth
afraid to wrap my legs in sweets.
Caffeine induced dreams to replenish my cells
with gold or brass,
eyes wide open but my inmate's asleep
Don’t remember the reason behind this piece but I think of it often trying to find it.
Eva Rushton Jul 11
My own thoughts have dried up my pen
Like the Spring winds dry up winters lingering effects upon the  earths ground so I must change my thinking to refill my pen
Like rain comes to replenish  plant life striving to erupt
Decorating with colours and beauty
To which bring us humans out of hibernation.
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