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Lorraine Cinco Apr 2017
Remember the glass house im talking about? The house inside the forest?
Buy and built me that house, then I will marry you.
Buy me a car, send me to driving school, allow me to drive and let me take you to everywhere
then I will marry you.
Promised me to attend all the festivals here in the Philippines.
lets dance, sing and lost to every corner of the street
then I will marry you.
Lets take a ride to a dolphin, dive with them deeper as much as we could
then I will marry you.
Lets take a flight to Europe, see the sunset in Santorini,
take my dream shot to the beautiful Eiffel tower and walk me around to the Rome City
then I will marry you.
Im afraid of heights but lets take a jump to 15000 ft above the ground and if we could do that
then I will marry you.
believe in the God I believed in, my God said strong faith can move mountains and if we're two we could make it through,
then I will marry you.
You know how to make me happy but if you could do it every minute,  
then I will marry you.
If this is too much too much to ask for, then just love me till I die and l will marry you..
Dont ask me to love you, because I already do,
that's why I will marry you.
Published it last July 28, 2013 in my blog and forgot when I actually made it.  Made some revisions.  Hope you like it.
Life this time around
has had more than its share of loneliness...
what love I've made I found.
Still; in my eyes,
there is nothing
more beautiful and warm
than the love that shines in yours.
Lea Loveit Apr 2016
By know you are old enough to try to understand
What love is between a women and a man
You see, at this point you don't have names
And Gregory can't settle the same.
Gregory is your farther as you know
You're not even a thought yet we can't wait for you to grow.
You won't be born in the next five years
But as soon as you're planted I'll cry happy tears.
Daddy and I are preparing
For when we  have to start caring.
Everything we do right now is for your advantage
So there won't be much struggle in your life to manage
Dad will soon be in the real world
And I will be his supportive girl.
I will still live with grandmama
And he'll still live his mama.
As of now that is okay
Because as long as we pray
God will be there for you, dad and I
Assuring us everything will be fine.
Ten minutes before I was stressing
But then remembered that God is always blessing.
That rule is for you as well as the rest of planet Earth.
I can't want to give birth
But I know I'm not ready
I gotta take it slow and steady.
Daddy will get the best job and make good money
So your days will always be sunny.
I will continue to learn and save some funds
And the best will never go undone.
I'm two years behind and dad is two years ahead
So that we can afford the best place for you to lay your head.
Dad is so sure and confident that I am the one
no matter how much I say I'm done.
I couldn't imagine myself with anyone else by my side
No one can handle the bumpy ride.
Dad would go through it all for you kids
He even went to Madrid.
But I hope and pray we never disappoint
Because we became joint
Without the love and motivation
How could we have reach salvation?
I started on February 16th
Everyday into every week
Building together
For an amazing forever.
So when you're mad at us just remember
That things will always get better,
We did nothing but try,
For you everything we buy,
A family we will always be,
Although sometimes we might not agree,
We work the hardest we can,
And made the strongest plan,
For you, our creation out of love,
Which is made of
Some of dad, some of mom
And a whole lot of love bombs.
So as I study tonight
And dad fight the world full of spite,
We remember everything we do
Is motivated towards you.
When pa is playing in the back yard,
Or i'm rocking you back to bed as a guard,
We value every moment
For you kids to never be broken

Love Mommy

P.s. I forever love you kiddies
Just thinking of the future
Jenna Sep 3
Marry me. Let's make vows and promises and kiss with everything we have, while dancing the night away.

Marry me. We can have a daughter with your eyes and my smile, who laughs more than anything else.

Marry me. We can go travelling in our mini van, stressing over every turn before pulling over to the side, trying not to argue in front of her.

Marry me. Let's eat meals together and fight about the little things and never let a single thing go.

Marry me. So we can yell and scream in front of whoever we want until even the silence hurts.

Marry me. Let's break all our vows and promises and never kiss again.

Better yet divorce me.  We can pretend nothing happened and that marriage is overrated because love never lasts and I'll pretend if you will that I don't think about you every time I go to sleep alone.
Sometimes I think
This must be too good to be
True, but I hope that’s just anxiety speaking

Because you’re someone I want to keep
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
I want to be a materialist as much as I could.
I want to kiss the sun and marry the moon!

I want to invite all the stars, sending them a tweet,
and I’d like them all to join me on Facebook!

I want to carry the Himalayas on my shoulder,
and I’d like to swim across the Atlantic water!

I want to wax lyrical over the waves
and would like to fly with the clouds.

I want to be in the green
and would like to spread across the spring.

I want to paint on the sky
keeping my head held high.  

I want to wear the perfect fit ring,
as perfect as the pi-perfect circle,
with no endless nano-decimal hole,
just fine-tuned to my finger hole!
Mark Sep 12
She touches my heart and dreams on my mind
She must be worth every silver penny
But will she make me get down on one knee?
Unlock your vault, don't throw away the key
Your body flows a river of love, trust ones heart, don't run
'Cause we know, she could be the right one, for you

I Will, I Won’t, Marry I Think

Her child like eyes, sparkle then blink
Upon the sight of me getting closer
Though my love is the very first for her
She knows from that first moment to end
I'll be there for her, I will see to that
Hoping, you know it goes on forever, like that

I Will, I Won’t, Marry I Think

She lays in a hammock in the shade
Won't be a long wait I keep telling her
If she truly wants me to be near her
I'll do what I can to appease, whilst I’m away
And then maybe one day, I will marry her
Dreaming, you know one day that I'll be, with her

I Will, I Won’t, Marry I Think...
Steve Nov 2018
Harry and Larry
Both fancied Gary
But it was Barry
Gary would marry
In February
Partners in rhyme.
Mark Oct 9
I know that’s my country girl  
Discovered like an oyster, oh what a pearl
And she is naturally kinda dope
One day I will marry her, I hope
My mama always said
Don’t wait, for rebound ones, instead
But, by playing the field is fun, I guess
Dealing with so many, without any progress  
Will lose the thoughts, the heart once desired
Before you know it, still single and almost retired
So, pull your finger out, get up the guts
Ask her out, check her out, no buts.
Butterfly Jul 19
"When we marry I want a huge cake like that."

My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to kiss her so badly.
I love you
King Panda Feb 2016
I’ll have you know that this started out
as a love poem
but then I got lazy
and distracted when the dog started biting my leg
and I decided that this process wasn’t
worth it all together
and went outside for a smoke

that’s when I tried to call you
but you didn’t answer
I guess it’s Valentine’s Day
and you’re probably
with some other guy who’s more
sensitive than me
but can he smoke as **** as me?
or cough as loud?
or breathe as heavy?
well probably ******* not
and maybe that’s a good thing
that he’s healthy
and doesn’t smell like the inside of a Texas Roadhouse
before they decided that smoking killed everyone
and no one could do it there
not even the good looking people

you always said I was good looking
above average
and I cooked good too
and that one Valentine’s Day you said
If you asked me to marry you right now, I’d say yes
that was after I killed the bat in the attic
bought you a bouquet of bleeding hearts and
brought home the puppy
since then
my typewriter has busted
and you have left
I still have the dog and
I renamed him Juniper
because that’s what happens when you’re
and sad
and alone

but now I’m happy
smoking a cigarette
listening to my neighbor’s massive wind chime
conk and sway in the crosswind
and I feel as alive as ever
knowing that you’re
wiping off that red lipstick with a poem I wrote you
because your date just got done
and he’s not sleeping over
and you’re just about to
walk to the back patio
and smoke a cigarette
because you want to die
just as bad as I do
King Panda Mar 2016
Rodin: My love, I am on my knees facing your beautiful body. My mouth is drinking your fire. I ***** us in stone. We are indissoluble.

Camille: I am heaven and hell. I am goddess and fire. You are my chauvinistic art-boy concubine.

Rodin: My dear Camille, can you not see my love for you is rooted in passion not stone or clay or bronze? Can you not feel my tongue lapping at your feet?

Camille: Foolish man. My feet are broken. I walk over you on stumps.

Camille leaves for England. Rodin follows.

Camille: You are boring.

Rodin: My love, can you not see that I am in a depressed mood. Can you not see that your capriciousness plagues me?

Camille: I love another.

Rodin: How can you say these things to me? I give you my heart. I give you my soul. I give you my artistic genius!

Camille: You’re right. You are a genius.

Rodin: Shall I write us up a contract?

Camille: As long as you don’t touch me.

Camille and Rodin return to Paris separately.

Rodin: It has been written. I will mentor you, write you in newspapers, place you in museums, and find you buyers.

Camille: You will not love another? You will spurn all but my art?

Rodin: I will. And you will marry me in return.

Camille: …

Rodin: Is there something wrong, my love?

Camille: Can you not see I am being facetious?

Rodin: My dear, you are my flora and gaiety. You are my chisel and stone. You are my breath and lungs.

Camille: Learn how to breathe without me.

Camille exits. Rodin crumples at the feet of Eternelle Idole.

Rodin: What have I done wrong?

Camille re-enters, her hands caked in clay.

Camille: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Rodin: Shall I get the handcuffs?

Camille: No. The lion’s cage.

*Strong tides and wet fuchsias. Camille enters the cage forever.
Lucius Furius Aug 2017
Pocahontas, Little Snow-Feather,
what possessed you to marry that pale stranger,
to cross the blue, blue Atlantic,
leaving behind your mother and your father?
How naive you were to think they wouldn't destroy you....

But Pocahontas, Little Snow-Feather,
bones-under-England-soil, it is your spirit--
not that of Cortez or Colonel Forsyth*--
your generosity, your love, which will prevail.
* Little Snow-Feather: "According to the early colonists, Pocahontas, like all other Powhatans, had two names.  

* Pocahontas, the name given to her by her father, was translated by the English to mean 'Bright Stream Between Two Hills' but in the Powhatan tongue perhaps meant 'Little Wanton.'  Her secret name, known only among her own tribesmen, was Matoax, 'Little Snow Feather,' a name conjuring up the image of a slim, amber-skinned girl enveloped from neck to knee in a mantle woven of snow-white feathers plucked from the breast of a wild swan.  Such a mantle, worn by Pocahontas in winter with moccasins and leggings of finely dressed white skins, would have given her people ample reason for calling her Matoax." (From G. S. Woodward's Pocahontas.)

* pale stranger:  I recently found that I didn't know as much about the historical Pocahontas as I thought I did.  I had reckoned the Disney movie (the first one) to be laughably inaccurate in showing Pocahontas staying behind when Captain John Smith returned to England (--everyone knows she married him and went with him, right?....).
    Pocahontas, the 11-year-old daughter of Powhatan, chief of the 8,000-person Powhatan Confederacy, was a great help to the early Jamestown settlers.  She learned their language, got certain of her elders to secretly trade them critically-needed corn and fish, and warned them away from ambushes planned by her father's warriors.  She was especially friendly with John Smith and --by Smith's account-- saved him from death at her father's orders.  (Throwing herself on him to protect him is probably something Smith invented to add drama/romance to his Historie --though we can't know for sure.)  There were certainly no other Englishmen in the vicinity.  Smith was injured (a gunpowder accident) and returned to England --but that was not until 1609 --2 years after the near-execution --by which time Pocahontas and he were no longer in communication.  She found contact with the settlers increasingly dangerous as the war between her people and the English grew fiercer.  In 1613 the English kidnapped her for the odd dual purpose of blackmailing her father and making her into a gentlewoman.  Powhatan decided that she wasn't really suffering and refused to pay the ransom.  A different John --John Rolfe--even more of a gentleman than John Smith-- fell in love with her.  They were married in 1614, had a child, and in 1616 sailed to England for a 9-month visit.  As they were about to embark on their return voyage, Pocahontas got pneumonia (or perhaps tuberculosis) and --after all this, only 21 years old-- died and was buried in St. George's Parish Church, Gravesend, Eng.  She'd had an emotional reunion with John Smith in England.  Years later, he was said to have commented: "Poor little maid.  I sorrowed much for her thus early death, and even now cannot think of it without grief, for I felt toward her as if she were mine own daughter."
[Pocahontas II is far inferior to the original.  It doesn't even begin to have any historical basis.  Pocahontas is jailed in the Tower of London; John Rolfe and John Smith team up to rescue her; they subvert an armada threatening to destroy the Powhatans; Pocahontas chooses John Rolfe, sails back to Virginia with him.  Though Judy Kuhn once again does the Pocahontas singing, the songs she's given are far, far inferior to those in the original.]

Hear Lucius/Jerry read the poem: .
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