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Jul 2014
Marry the person who says "and I love you" after every other thing. Marry the person who lets you borrow their favourite shirt. Marry the person who remembers what you like. Who goes to the movie theater early to buy the tickets. Marry the person who rubs your shoulders when you lean forward, so you don't have to ask them to. Marry the person who gives you the last bite of everything. Give it back to them. Marry the person who's willing to watch movies they hate with you, just because you love them. Watch movies they love instead. Marry the person who's scent you can recognize across a room. Who surprises you with little, meaningful things. Who knows a lot about music. Marry the person who can always make you laugh, if only out if unbridled joy when they're not funny. Who considers you home. Who you can tell all your deepest, I really mean deepest secrets. And who can tell you theirs. Marry the person who you smile about. Marry the person who smiles about you. Marry the person who looks at you with complete open jawed awe, eyes bright and fixed, smile indelibly grafted on their face. Marry the person who makes you feel like you're in a movie every time they kiss you. Marry the person you know you need. The person who needs you. And need each other, forever.
Written by
Robyn  Seattle, WA
(Seattle, WA)   
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