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MJL  Feb 2019
MJL Feb 2019
Everyones chillin’
Groovy tunes rollin’
Lowriders cruisin’
Then your loud *** comes along
Takin’ up space
Yours and mine
Wreckin’ smooth
Pushin’ your own groove
"Donk in charge"
No votes necessary
Everythin’ sighs
Bubble on the mic
Doin’ your business
All over the room
Box store cut-*** mule
Nothin’ but unwoke noise
Blow Bull Horn

© 2019 MJL
Car lovers. Lowrider lingo. Rude people are rude.
ayu rinanda Apr 2012
Gua sama sekali gak maksudbuat ngejelekin, ngejatuhin cowo gua yang sekarang 

gua punya cerita yang mungkin lu semua pernah ngadapin dengan kejadia yang sama

gua punya cowo, asli gua sayang banget sama dia, gua pengen ngebahagia in dia kayak gua pengen ngebahagian keluarga gua. Tapi, ada banyak hal yang selalu buat gua ragu sama dia.
1. dia gak pernah sms ato nelponin gua duluan alesan tidur.
2. gak pernah bilang sayang sama gua, kecuali waktu nembak
3. kalo di ajakin alesan nya segudang, mungkin penuh kali tu gudang 
pasti lu semua punya pikiran kalo dia Cuma mainin gua, ato pun gak sayang sama gua?

tapi biarpun dia kayak gitu, gak tau kenapa gua tetep aja sayang. Gua ikut aturan dia, gua ikut apa maunuya dia. Pokoknya semua maunya dia gua jabanin deh 
karena ada satu hal di diri dia yang sulit banget gua lupain selama ini adalah KENYAMANAN kalo dideket dia.
Padahal yah, gua punya seseorang yang jelas.jelas sayang sa,ma gua, bias ngasih apa aja yang gua mau, yang bias ngebahagia in gua dengan semua hal yang dia punya, dia adalah mantan gua yang pacaran sama gua 2 tahun lebih.
gua udah banyak ngelewatin hari sama dia, susah maupun senang, dia mungkin satu.satu cowo yang paling ngerti siapa gua.
cowo yang paling care sama gua, pokok nya cowo yang paling sempurna deh dia 
meskipun kayak gitu tetep aja gua gak bisa boongin ati mgua sendiri, pacaran sama dia tapi inget orang lain buat apa coba?
lagian gua harus nurut apa kata orang tua gua gak boleh pacaran sama dia, toh gua gak bias ngelawan.

buat kamu cowo yang jadi pacar aku : please donk sayang, jangan cuek sama aku.
jangan suka banyak alesan, aku tuh sayang banget sama kamu.
coba deh kamu yang ngertiin aku sekali.kali jangan akunya terus donk 

buat kamu cowo yang aku sakitin : maapin aku udah nyakitin kaamu, semoga diluar sana kamu bakal ketemu cewe yang syang banget sama kamu.
maapin aku 

#sekarang gua Cuma pengen satu hal yaitu lepas dari kedua.duanya.
gua mau orang baaru, tapi gua takut tuk memulai itu semua 
sangat.sangat btakut
Paula Swanson  Jul 2010
Paula Swanson Jul 2010

Plink..plinkplink...flip, *****, ****, plink.
Donk, donkdonk, plink, doink, ****.
Flipflap..****, plinkplink, doink.
Doink, doinkdoink, whirrrrrr, buzzzzzzzz ****.

"Oh ****".


Plink, doinkbink, flipflap, bink.
Twirrrrrrrrtwirrrrrrrr, twirrrrrrr *****.



P­linkplinkboinkdoink...flip...bonk shhhupduuuup.
****, doink, *****, shuuuup.
plink, ploinkploink, **** doink.



plinkplinkplinkplink, doink flipflap, bonk, *****, twirrrrrr.
doink, *****, bonk, wuuuuuup, twirrrrrr, puurrrrrrrr.
plink, ploink, doinkdoink, purrrrrrrr, shuuuuupshuuuup
plinkplinkplink, doink, flip, doink, flip, trrrruuuuurrrrp.

"YES"!  (shakes machine)


j f  Jan 2013
The Sick Fish
j f Jan 2013
Night finally came down over town and
serenity hit like a scientist.
like the man wiping crumbs from
his passenger seat at
a red light.

but the scene isnt what it wants to be,
something mutated between fish and primate
and now the strain's a little wonky

oh the absurdities of a train life!
two poncho clad players on the playas del mexico
he said "i dont
want no flat *** jeans,
i got a donk"
and the book replied
"i would rather lie with words
than people because
words cannot lie to you"

this silly dope fiend's fever dreams
scream lines like
the density of head is not enough
to contain the difference in integrity!
Scott A Grant Oct 2009
Have u seen her? Should I say more
Put a drink and shake on it
Donk perfection in every direction
Truly blessed, a cheaters fantasy
I looked, she actually listen
She replied, ****! I just look again
One of life's amazing wonders
Never lonely, always paid
(c) 2010- From Born Scripts Others Tell
Daddy D  Jan 2014
Daddy D Jan 2014
Two little lesbian jumping on the bed
One fell off and bonked her donk
Other lezzy called the doctor an the doctor said
If you pleased the ***** instead of jumping on the bed then we wouldn't be in this situation, now would we?
Daddy D  Jan 2014
Daddy D Jan 2014
Two little lesbian jumping on the bed
One fell off and bonked her donk
Other lezzy called the doctor an the doctor said
If you pleased the ***** instead of jumping on the bed then we wouldn't be in this situation, now would we?
Human  Feb 2018
Human Feb 2018
content includes rated language and is kinda mind f@king

•Sometimes i feel so useless
As if my mind is so blank and clean
Other times i feel useful
Yet usually, the most useless person ive seen
I dont get it why its this way it just changes from day to day
Simetimes i wake up and feel like i have no purpose
Others, i wake up and just go back to sleep
Thers is no sceduale the is no order
Days r passing, but we're the same, still not getting any older
I donk know
Where i am
Where i have been
Or where ill go
I just live life
The way life lives in me
It comes snd goes
How? When? and Why? No one knows
There is nothing u can really do but try to figure out, u r who?
U might make it u might not
Ull never know till time pases by
Dont just sit there, stare, and watch ur life go by
Do something, anything, just try
Try ur best and do what u can
* u can't drink soup from a pan
* it isnt realted and dosent make sense at all
Well too bad thats life
U get up and u fall
* u know u can if u want to
* but u might burn if it was hot
{ there was kind of a shift in charecter}
What the hell is going on
My mind is so messed up
More like ****** up
But no one can actually like literly **** my mind
Never mind
I dont even really get it
Im just so tierd and mind ******
It ****** me off when **** changes to duck
But still it kinda makes sence
Saying that im mind ducked
It dosent really
But neither does ******
So im probably both
Mind ****** and ducked
Im done
I think
I'll stop now
I think
My head is empty
I think
I cant really think
But still
I think
Ill stop thinking now
Il stop thinking bout thinking
Cz i cant think no more
Shut the **** up bro
I got no idea whats going on
I never do
I dont know why
I never know
TRANQUILO {it means (quiet, calm) in Spanish }
•~where it starts
{...}~not part of the actual poem
*~ points r related

— The End —