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Daddy D Jan 2018
Confectionary is dairy
Cooked up in a ***
Put it on the stove
Make it very hot
Daddy D Jan 2018
Hey there ladies, daddy is back
Here to get up in your cracks
In your nasty ***
Or your creamy ****
Daddy’s sure to please your wuss
So please come fast, come a running
Daddy’s ready for the final *******
Daddy D Jul 2014
Daquan a **** boy
That nights got a small ****
Get an STD
Daddy D Jul 2014
"Get in the bag" he said, a his main chick turned.
So I did
         "Hey bae" said the white chick holding her Starbucks
        "Quit talking and **** my ****"      said Daquan, as if I weren't even there.
I peeked out of the bag to see what my ***** was doing, and that **** boy was hittin it from the back.
I slowly slithered out of the bag and into her ****** and bit off Daquan's ****.
Daddy D Jul 2014
Small *****
Tall *****
***** of all size
Skinny *****
Fat *****
Stick them in my pies
Daddy D Feb 2014
******* them eggy *****,
Have you seen their eggy butts?

Gently put one in butter,
Or slam one onto another.

If the eggy **** screams
Simply flick your bean.

If you're a guy, don't forget to pat your thigh,
And sacrifice your eggy ***** to the man in the sky.

This is the story of the eggy *****,
Hide, quick, or they'll **** out your guts.
Daddy D Feb 2014
Green I am
They call me yoda
Lift my robe up
**** my choda
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