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Sam  Oct 2016
Sam Oct 2016
What is in my head, is my buisness.
Unless I tell you, then its our buisness,
but not the buisness of those around us.
Same goes for you.
What you don't tell me, I don't need to know.
What you do tell me, Is your buisness alone.
Not hers, his, or theirs.
Your secrets are safe with me.
I've learned my lesson before.
Telling nobody, is better than telling all,
because it saves confusion in the end.
Femi  Jul 2014
The Massage
Femi Jul 2014
for you
this is buisness.

for you
I am just a job.

for you
I am just a stranger.

for me
this is personal.

for me
this is pleasure.

for me
you are a friend.

thank you for human contact
I wish your touch would never end.
Rune amergin Apr 2010
I love the way you make me feel
its as if time stops
it seems so surreal
i cant wait for the night
i can sleep by your side
if all be able to with
your heartbeat against mine.

when you played your guitar
it caught me by suprise
i laughed to myself
and then realized
i have the perfect guy
that all the girls dream of
and getting you
was not even rough

when you get upset
theres no need to apologize
or even analyze
ways you can compromise
just tell me you love me

i was always told
to second guess people
see things from different views
because they are evil
but when it comes to you
i know its unessesary
this dating buisness seemed hard
but now its preliminary
JL Nov 2011
I went to a brand new town
Spread out across the desert like a prom queens legs

The place has one restraunt
The place has one gas station

I made a mental note to look em' all in the eyes.
The guy at the counter was human enough

His nametag said MIKE
Mike, your *** is mine

What'll it be boy
**** people who call me boy

Just this
bottle of water

That'll be a dollar, son
**** people who call me son

I pull out a dollar
well...a dollar that looked something like a Colt Python 357.

That put a damper on ol' mikes day
I bet that **** fool ****** himself

I wonder If he noticed the sunlight flickering off  guns mother-of-pearl handle
I sure did

Take all the money. Please just don't **** me
I don't want the money, Mike

He whimpered when I said his name
******* always do that

What do you want then.........
Mike, I want to **** you

Sure enough he had to have a reason
The worst ******' word in the world


and its nemesis


You want to **** me just because?
because why?

Right there I knew Mike would never get it
He would never understand...poor old mike

Your about to get a wake up call Mike
Your about to be free as **** and not know what to do with yourself

Mike stands there with his hands up shaking
At home his wife is talking on the phone to her sister about going up there on vacation

Mike says
Please I have a wife and kids

Please don't **** me
Please Please dear God don't **** me

Mikes daughter was making him a fathers day card with a glue stick and glitter
Mikes son was licking the **** of some girl. Parkeed out by the Big Red Rock.

Mike Listens
Mike wants to live

Listen Mike
I say cool calm and collected

Your about to get it mike
Mike imagines his wife reading his obituary

You are about to lose your own soul Mike
You know...gain the whole world

Your about to be free Mike
You are one of the lucky ones

No need to thank me once you've gone Mike
You just enjoy it

For a second Mike looked like he understood
like he mighta got it

Let that which is given
Become lost

Let that which is gained
Become lost

Let this ******* pig, ****, trash, ****-stained-matress of a life
Be put out with the Monday trash

Mike knew he was in for it
Done for

I asked mike if he wanted to die like a man
I looked him hard in the eyes

He said he sure did
I asked him if he was ready to do the work of the universe

The work of god
Yes I am

I hand mike the gun
and the first bullet takes me through the right eye

So slow I can feel the optic nerve sever
before I die

before I die
I see mike standing over me

Looking down at me
this giant bleeding hole in my head

Mike says thank you
I tell him...Hey Dont Mention It

After he empties the rest of the rounds into my head
Mike walks out into the desert

He walks to my car
Fills it with gas

and gets inside
right there on the seat where I left the

box of shells for him to find

key turn
engine crank

and the car pulls slowly onto the street
the car drives down the desert road

****, it sure feels good to be free
Death-throws Aug 2015
Where does this zero go?
when is it o.k to say yes or no?
my transactions arent lining up
and my expenses have run amuck
and i think my buisness has  gone to ****
i think that i am out of luck
whats wrong with me?
why cant i see like you see?
could just a couple of months have done this to me?
am i really that messed up?
everything i see i question..
your so cute...
and your such a good guy, babe.
everything about you seems right.
my parents even like you.
your so respectful and sweet...
but babe...
i said it from the beginning I'm not into catch your feelings.
you know i don't want that.
i wouldn't be good for you..
...Boy, you know id only get you into more trouble than your used too.
"we can make it work ill do anything"
no no no... im sorry
i dont play like that babe.
your making it personal but when we do this to me its only business.
Styles  Sep 2015
Styles Sep 2015
Like oil and ****,
business and family,
don't mix.
A B Perales Jan 2014
There's Midnight Ravens
along the telephone
******* suckers
with deep dark
eyes that
see death
before it comes.
These hosts
of the end
pay me no mind
as I pass beneath
their roost.
They rudely go
about their
Raven buisness,
yelling and
******* their way
into the morning.

An unrelenting
bark drums
on from
a white painted
An insane sound
like an alarm that
no one will turn

I step over a small
cities worth of
ants who are
around a crack
in the
clogged with
more frantic
The great flood
has arrived
in the form of
a timed sprinkler.
And all of
the soldiers
have abandoned
the Queen.

It's early morning
The air has
yet to be
choked out
by the
diesel fuel
and needless
emissions that will
soon began to
smother the
The faint smell
of fresh fish
makes its way
up the city
blocks from
the waterfront

Old Italian and
Slavic women
stand outside
in their
long day time
night gowns
smoking cigarettes
while watering
the concrete.

I enter the
alley way ,
the smell of
***** diapers,
laundry detergent
and too
many children
surround an
apartment complex.

As I passed I came
upon the Black Princess
of these streets.
The wisest and
surest of them all
crosses my path.
Her tail held high
and strong,
striding care free,
she looks at me
with her
emerald eyes
and yawns.
She stops near a row
of trashcans that
are lined
up looking like
a modern
day monolith.

She laps at her
paw with slow,
long, lazy
licks as I
She again fixes me
with those marble green
eyes and lets me
know without
saying a word.
That the alley cat kills
for fun.
Ignores all Gods
by choice
and laughs
at our attempts
to tame it.
Hawk Flight Jun 2014
       Taking one last drag off My cig I flick it to the ground and watche the little sparks of flames that shoot off it as it hits the ground. It is 11:00 on a wednesday night and I was parked in a bad part of town in a small conneticcit town. leaning against My beat up old 2003 black ford focus the window in the back seat rolls down.

     "Hawk how long are these guys going to take? Are you sure they're even coming?" Twittle says around a huge *** yawn. I pin him with one of my glares that said Shut the **** up. He pins me with one of his own glares I DARE you written all over it. My heart thuds just a little faster in my chest. All I wanted to do right now was take him home and accept that I dare you challenge. His cocky *** grin showed that he kenw what he was doing to me. I narrow my eyes at him.

      "Watch it boy" I growl and turn my attention back to the deserted parking lot, trying to calm my nerves. What was taking them so long? I figured for cociane addicts the thugs would have been here right on time to get their next fix. My nose burning at the memories of all the times I had felt the rush of a fix. Then up ahead in the glow of a random streetlamp I see three shadowy figures heading our way.

      "Twittle get out of the car they're here" I said and pushed off the car, not waiting for his response,I head in the guys direction. I hear the car door open and slam shut, and within seconds I feel twittles presence right behind me. The three junkies stop a few feet away from us.

       "You.. you got the stuff man?" The man who seemed like the leader said to me. His voice shook and was too high pitched. The guy was already high out of his skull. Just my luck, The high ones were always the worst to deal with, just about the deprived ones. At least that type was easier to manipulate. The ones that were high were too paranoid to pull a fast one over thier heads. I sighed, guess I wasnt going to be getting more then the coke was worth. ****, and I was hoping for a few extra hundreds so I could take twittle out for the night.

         "Yeah yeah I got it right here" I said in my casual, I'm chill there is nothing wrong here voice, a voice one must perfect if they are going to do the type of buisness I do. I pull out the baggie filled with the white powder that they were craving. In the dim lighting I could just make out the wide eyed staring of the guys, the look of raw need and lust. I sympathized with them, I knew that feeling all to well. "Now give me the money and you will get what you came here for" I said still casual, but an underlying threat present. The leader takes a step forward and eyes the drug suspisiciouly.

        "Is it all there? You aint trying to trick us or anything right?" He says paranoia seeping into his words as the drugs already in his system take control of his brain. A sharp anger flares up in me, How Dare he accuse me of cutting corners! I may try to swindle a few extra dollars out of people but I never give them less then what they asked! I quickly squash down the anger, it would do nothing but start a fight.

       "Yes its all here all (wont put real amount) of it. now give me the money" I says trying to surpress my annoyance. I feel Twittle step closer to me and feel his hand on my lower back. showing his silent support. **** these junkies, they needed to give me my ******* money now Before Twittle made me lose my mind. I held out my hand showing the leader I meant buisness and held the drugs out of his reach.  Money then drugs

         "Norm use to give us the goods Then let us give him the money, How about we do it that way." One of the other guys says, the other lackey snickering. I turn my glare to them and they quickly shut up.

         "Well I'm not Norm, I'm better." I say flashing them a deadly grin. The one who made the comment strides up and looks at the goods from a safe distance. Suddenly he whips around to the leader.

        "Man the ******* is trying to play us! Thats not Coke thats ******* FLour!" He screams in a full blown drug fit. My anger flares up again. I may be a crook and a drug dealer but I NEVER Played my customers that way. I always gave them what they wanted, Nothing less nothing more. The leader swore and reaching behind him he draws a gun out. Pointing it straight at me. Outwards I show that this was nothing new to me that it didnt affect me, which was true, I've had guns pulled on me more times then I would like to remember. I felt Twittle tense up behind me and with my free hand I reach around and grabs his, squeezing it to show him everything will be ok.

       "Look guys this is the real ****, Now you can either take it and give me the money or you can just walk away and find a new dealer." I said straining to keep the situation calm. I knew how to disarm the guy if I needed to but with Twittle there I really didnt want to. The leader hesitates for a few seconds but then points the guns at me again.

         "How about you give me the drugs and forget you ever met me." He says his voice laced with drug hysteria. I sigh and shake my head.

       " I would love to boys. But not without my money. Listen this is how its going to happen You're going to pu-" A loud ring fills the air cutting me off mid sentence. A few seconds later a White hot fire burns through my shoulder as the bullet slices through me making me stagger back from the impact. The ******* ****** Shot Me! I've been shot at numerous times, and stabed more times then I could remember, Hell I've walked around for a full day with a small blade stuck in my fourarm and didnt even notice until the pain finally got to me. But never Once had I been actually SHOT!. The pain was blinding and I could feel hot liquid ooze down my arm and knew my shoulder was losing blood.

       "You ******* ******* come here!" I hear Twittle yell and I lift my head just high enough to see him tear after the trio.

       "Twittle... No" I managed to say through the pain, but he didnt hear me. I turned toward the car, I had a gun my self in the glove box If I could get to it and get to the junkies in time maybe I could protect Twittle. I took a few steps and staggered, almost falling forward. My vision was clouding around the edges. Oh for **** sakes Was I really going to pass out? really? I thought angery with my body for being such a whimp. I couldnt pass out now! I had to help Twittle, He could get in serious trouble. I reached the car and fumbled with the car door trying to open it. I lost my balance slightly and slammed my bad shoulder into the window. The white pain intenifying. Biting back a moan I slid down the cars length landing on the ground. I looked at my shoulder and in the dark I could just barely see the dark liquid that covered my entire arm. I looked at my hand and saw the sticky red blood dripping off of it and pooling on the asphalt next to me. I was loosing way to much blood. I tried to stand up but my strength decided just then to desert me. My hearing was going screwy and the black cloud at the edges of my vision was creeping in faster.

   Was I dying? I knew I was. I gave a bitter laugh. Out of all the ways I could die I was going to die at the hands of a coke Addict. Heh I knew coke would somehow be the death of me. NIcole and Kaitlyn were right. To bad I wouldnt be around to tell them. And Twittle, I failed him, I couldnt protect him, If he died tonight with me it was all my fault. He wouldnt know How much I truely loved him. I'm sorry Twittle I think as I wait the agonizing minutes before unconsiousness takes me. Right before I slid under I hear what sounds like someone screaming my name. I struggle to open my eyes, but they are so heavy. WHy are they so ******* heavy? why cant they just open up so I can see who is calling to me! I feel someone grab my face and move it so they can see it.

       "Hawk open your eyes, please baby open them." I hear twittle say, only he sounds like he is miles away from me. I pick up the fear and desperation in his voice. EYES OPEN! SAY SOMETHING! DO ANYTHING! I scream at myself, trying to get my body to move, But the pain takes hold of everything and my body rebels against me and wont do what I want it to do. All I can manage is a small moan of Pain.

         "I'm going to call 911 now ok? Please hang in there Hawk PLease for me" I hear him say. I try to tel him yes I try to reach out to him to hold his hand, but the pain is to much, instead I slip away. unable to hold back the unconsiousness any longer.
My Wife says that if I cant really talk about the night I got shot and almost died then I should try to find a waay that will help me cope. I oddly found writing it into a story helped. so I dont expect this to be any good or for many people to like it. I just needed to get this off my chest. (Shot december of 2013) Twittle is my boyfriend.
JL May 2013
I don't waste my time trying compare myself
I've pulled the trigger
Gone off the deep end
Smoking dancing blue pills on tin foil and watch her eyelids flicker
Smoke in my eyes
From the gaze inanimate and perfect
I can't let go
Standing up straight half-rate I've been carried out of Captain Jacks
Before all my fake friends who come running when I have the money
I can drink all night when I give Rick a nickel bag ol' molly
Out of house and buisness
I drink him into the ground
mannley collins Jul 2014
I am individual Isness incarnated in this body which is the latest of the many bodies of either female or male of all five skin colours and all ****** orientation that I have inhabited throughout all time.

Each individual Isness is a small but equal,individual,independent, nameless,formless,genderless,non physical,unconditionally loving entity formed from the Isness of the Universe and incarnated in a human body lifetime after lifetime.

The individual Isness is not Atman or Soul or Spirit--these are mind created identities and will only take you as far as groupmind allows.
As Janice sang"freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose".

I am the individual Isness.
I am that! --I am!.

The Isness of the Universe is responsible for the manifestation,from its own nature,of the entire universe and all in it,physical or metaphysical, including so-called "gods" and "goddesses".
Each body alive contains an individual Isness here for the purpose of realising its true nature as an individual Isness--ruled in its actions by Karma and evolution.
Only the individuals efforts at self realisation count here on Earth.
No one gets a free pass!
Mind and Conditioned Identity must be dissolved totally and permanently consciously in order to become Isness realised.
I am an individual Isness.
I am that! --I am!.
I am the only permanently mindless/conditioned identityless male person  in existence--by my conscious choice and effort.
My partner is the only mindless/conditioned identityless  female person  in existence by her choice and conscious effort.
ALL others claiming to be Yogis or Yogins are prisoners of mind created dualistic delusions and can speak only truth but cannot speak truthfully.
Yogi is not a title or rank or buisness status but merely an acknowledgement of the state of permanent Mindlessness and Conditioned Identitylessness that any person,equally female or male,can attain through their own conscious efforts.
We are individual Isness united.
We are that!-- we are!.
There is no luck or short cuts involved.
No one can be born in this state either.
Any person that says they can "grace" you is a liar and a criminal.
There is no grace option as all religions would have you believe with their lies.
It is NOT possible to buy your way in either.
We are not and would never ever want be "enlightened".
We are not nor would ever be Bhuddas.
We are not and would not ever be  Avatars.
Very low states of existence these all are.

We are not and would not ever be celibate.
Love a good ****,
We are that!-- We are!.
We celebrate life only and do not celebrate death as religions do with their phoney "heavens and hells"--and their vain bloodthirsty "gods"..
For us and our future there is NO heaven or hell--- just endless existence elsewhere to this planet--for this planet is truly the hell of existence and made that way by the groupminds of petty religions and politics with their petty violent  followers.
Only a personal conscious effort to dissolve mind/conditioned identity can lead to the state of Separate and Merged
or Isness realised.
Isness realisation is NOT a group activity.
The path of Yoga we follow is called the
Yoga of Dissolution of Mind and Conditioned Identity.
I am that!--I am!.
I am incarnated in a male body in this lifetime.
Grene,my partner,is incarnated in a female body in this lifetime.
We have been incarnated in both male and female bodies many times.
We carried the accumulation of Karma,both good and bad, with us through these past  lives--as do all alive...
Karma is the undeniable and unquestionable moral energy stockpile earned by every action every one commits,both good and bad,and is a reflection of their acquired morality and determines the next incarnation type that they have..
Karma,both "good" and bad" ties each Isness to the ever revolving Wheel  of Birth Life Death and rebirth--from which the only escape is through Isness-realisation.
No "god" or "prophet" or "holy man or woman"can make it happen for you--only concentrated personal effort.
Before Isness realisation can happen ALL Karma ,good or bad,must be dissolved completely.
Enlightenment or gnosis or being a Bhudda are nothing but worthless mind generated states that have seduced and betrayed humanity endlessly resulting in a planet at war with itself and heading for all out nuclear war rapidly..
for instance---
Buddhism,the so-called philosophy of peace with its monarchs and differing interpretations according to nation states--has utterly failed after 2500 years to bring peace to the world--buddhist terrorists killing in S China or Sri Lanka anyone?..
Islam-Christianity--Vedism--Hinduism--Judaism and all their various subgroups have only brought wars and division, with their ensuing trail of death and destruction, throughout the millennia--drenching the planet in the blood of innocents in the names of  their "gods" and "holy" monarchs and nations.
I am 75 years so far in this body but I have no age--only the body has age.
I followed the true inner path of Yoga assiduously through many lifetimes.
I am not a physical contortionist--a "hatha Yogi"--a contradiction in terms if there ever was one..
To be a follower of any "religion" that boasts a "god"or "goddess" or saving philosophy" is to be mired in bad Karma--as all "religions" are immoral and can only bring war/death and destruction in their wake
then ones action in supporting can only be bad Karma.
No religious follower of either *** has ever gone beyond  ignorance and self deception.
My partner and I are united in the ultimate state of existential beingness
that is called Separate and Merged.
As neither of us have a mind we are able to communicate closer than mere words and voices.
We share mutual ******.
We "live inside" each body--separated by flesh ---merged by mindlessness.
We are two id-entities playing the game of life as one.
We are Separate and Merged with the Isness of the Universe.
We are that!--we are!.

— The End —