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  Feb 2015 Hawk Flight
Vanessa Gatley
Never the same
Keeps repeating
Just when I completely
Still finds it's way
to haunt me.
Hawk Flight Feb 2015
As I sit here and write,
I put to rest a part of me
that no longer has relivence in this world

I put to rest the hired Hand,
The addict of the white powder paridise.
The distant man with a heart of ice
pushing away all those he loved.

Gone is that shadow man
Its time to come into the light.
Hawk Flight Sep 2014
Is she really gone?
My little sister
is that door really closed?
Can I still open it?

I've tried and I've tried
To get her back
But pushed away has been the end result

I didn't mean to lose her
I didn't mean to lash out
I didn't mean to **** it up
I didn't mean to break her heart.

Sis if you read this
Please know
I ******* miss you!

Are you really gone?
If I knock on that door
Will you open it up
Will you take me back

Please Fenix
What can I do
to get my little sister back?
Fenix Flight! I have tried everything! sis I miss you! JUST TALK TO ME! Tell me that I can do to gain your trust back and to have you back in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know me inside and out! You know how much I hate begging but here I am! Begging you! Please forgive me
Hawk Flight Sep 2014
What did I just do?
Did I really just lose her?
Did my burning candle
just blow out?

Is that door really shut?
Is It really Locked?
Is there another key,
Or am I forever left out in the cold?

I know why I did it.
I know why I pushed her away.
But it doesnt mean I dont Hate it
It doesnt mean I dont regret it.

I made my bed
now I must lay in it.
I made my mistake
now I have to live with it
To my... Well To someone means Alot to me.
Hawk Flight Sep 2014
I am done with this *******!
I'm done playing nice.
I'm done running my life
the way everyone else wants it.

I was doing JUST fine before
With no one to take care of but me.
I was doing JUST fine
before she got to me.

I shut my self away from people
Emotions on a lock down
Heart "turned to stone"

So **** all of you

I'm so ******* done with this *******

I'm going back to being the me I use to be
Hawk Flight Sep 2014

Push you down onto your knees
Your hands tied tightly behind you
My manhood waiting for your lips.
Grab your short hair push you forward
Trying not to moan.

******* my hand in your hair
Pushing you back and forth.
You whimper softly taking me fully

Can't take this torture anymore
Needing to bury my love and desire
deep within you.

hands still tied
I flip you over
Your perfect small round *** in the air
waiting for me.

you are mine no one elses*
I smack your *** and kiss it better
Before I claim it as mine.

Burying my love within you

Release my love
deep inside.

spin you around
your still in need

take you in my mouth
you quiver beneath me
stuggling against your retrains.
****** your hips pushing deeper
Loving you with my mouth
Realese your love.

Both panting hard
Both still wanting more

what will this day have instore?
Hawk Flight Sep 2014
Curling up on the couch
With your arms around my waist
mine around your shoulders,
With your head on my chest
and my feet up on the table.

Dim the lights
Grab that buttered popcorn
and pop that movie in
Curled up on that couch
just you and me.

Twittle we've been together for so long
I was 17 you 14.
7 years to be exact.

Dont Leave me
Dont walk away.
I need you in my life
you are my sanity

Without you there
That couch will be cold
The popcorn stale
the movies bland

Without you here in this house
the walls will echo with your laughter
taunting me day and night.

Twittle I need you
Please dont leave me

I love you.
My boyfriend is threatening to leave me because I am getting back into jobs that he doesnt approve of.. they are really dangerous types of jobs.
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