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Nicole  Apr 2015
Nicole Apr 2015
A monster who destroys
He destroys
your dreams,
your energy,
your hopes,
your vibes,
your self-steem,
your confidence,
your goals,
your happiness,
families and relationships...
He destroys
your life,
and all that is around.
Rhianecdote Apr 2015
You can Iron out the Dents in your Confidence As much as you like

But it's much better done with
Some Self E**steem
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2017
Rain drops dropping on your dry soul
Wet hands now clap of laughter
Low in self-steem now flying higher
Weak in imagination
scared to see a future without her
She is deeper than the ocean floor
You shallow as a river filled with rocks
Emotions fueld by your insecurities
Now you are scared to be
who you are supposed to be
Stagnate in progression so you regress
Take a million steps backwards
Scared to move forward
Fearing the future
lacking the idea of growth
That one knee will never see the floor
Because you can't see a future with her
But you hold on to her like ransome
While her next one is dying to find her
Leave her be so she can be
free to find her one true love
Her next one