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scarlett Sep 2019
girlfriend girlfriend girlfriend
will you be my girlfriend
i know you have a **** but i want you to be my girlfriend
boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend
i wanna be your boyfriend
lay it down for me i want it i could be your boyfriend
i want to touch you
i want to love you
i really really really so bad really wanna *******
gender norms are so annoying
scarlett Sep 2019
Won’t you kiss me again like you used to
I need you so bad in my life.
You’re the air that i need to breathe
You’re the key to everything i want to be
and you’re so beautiful and lovely
I want to make you happy forever.
Are you the girl in my dream?
When we broke up I wanted to cut my heart out
because I knew I’d never be the same again
and 6 years later I’m here again.
I’d die to say the words “we’re back together”
that’d make my life complete forever.
Please please please come see me
do these feelings mean something?
scarlett Sep 2018
I’m just being dramatic
But I feel hopeless without you here
The air is missing you like I am missing you
And I don’t feel like waking up anymore
it’s just not the same without you
Life is empty and disappointing
I’ve lost the spring in my step
I’d rather just stay home
I can’t get your eyes out of my head
I can still taste your sweetness
it feels like a peice of me is missing
my inspiration is gone
I’m just being dramatic
But there’s no point in living if I can’t see your face
scarlett Sep 2018
We might as well be on top of each other
But physically were rooms apart
Separated by empty air, two doors, and our clothes
Mentally we’re years away from each other
Chronologically and
Emotionally I’ve cried from your absence
Unknown feelings falling from my eyes
Do you feel the same?
scarlett Apr 2018
i wake in the morning
with an ache from dreaming of you
looking at me the way you used to
holding me the way you did
making me feel like no one else could
i should just get high so i dont have to feel this
i only have dreams when i go to sleep sober
  Apr 2018 scarlett
Christopher Black
I've tried calling
And I've tried texting
I've tried sleeping
No hope of resting

You're on my mind
You're in my dreams
I see the signs but
Don't know what they mean

Am I doomed to love you
When will you ever see
I was meant for you
And you were meant for me.
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