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Sarah Apr 2016
Doubt. My old enemy. You're with me all the time.
Some days, you're quiet. Some days I can only hear you.
Doubt. My old enemy. You're with me all the time.
Sometimes you're just a whisper. Sometimes noise.
Doubt. My old enemy.
Sarah Mar 2016
Here we stand. In front of each other. Raindrops roll off our faces.
There's no need to say a word.
We just stand here. In the rain. But we don't notice the drops.
There's no need to speak.
We're connected.
Here, in the rain.
As always for my love. ♥
Sarah Mar 2016
Would you come with me to a lonely island?
Where we can be us.
Without remembering the civilisation?
Where we can live.
Without worries.

Would you come with me? I would be your sailor, if you can't swim.
Sometimes I wish, I would be there.
Sarah Mar 2016
Words can cross an ocean.
Through storm and rain.
Through pain and loss.
Through days and nights.
Without giving up.

Like a sailor, who's willing to reach his home.
Words can be powerful, if they're used wisely.
Sarah Mar 2016
Sorry, I have to go.

                                             - Why?

It's calling me.

                                             - Who?

Sometimes, you have to go. If you want it or not. There's no choice. If you wanna reach something, you have to go. If you rest, you rust.
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