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Sam Haidan Apr 2015
Breathe in
The stale air
Of our mindless love affair
That isn't really mindless at all
But we fall
And we fall
And I crawl
And you crawl
Until we meet on our knees
And pick each other up
Back to our feet
But the struggle
And the trouble
Oh the lies
The silent cries for help
The screaming inside our heads
The shattered glass on the floor
The broken lock on the door
Do you love me?
No you don't
Yes you do
I love you too
Enough to run
And to hide
So you find me
And it's good for a while
but I'm scared all the time
And you're bruised from the plight
And your scars spell my name
And I know I'm to blame
So I beat myself up
And so you beat yourself up
There's no stopping either of us
Lets just kiss and make up
With whatever we have left
We have nothing left
All we have is each other
All we have is our mindless love affair
That isn't really mindless at all.
Sam Haidan Apr 2015
Her tired eyes tell stories,
Of a thousand lives before.
His tired eyes are weary,
Of a thousand lies he's been told.
Their tired eyes meet each other's,
A kind of magic unfolds.

And now their tired eyes together,
Don't look so tired anymore.
Sam Haidan Mar 2015
I feel you slipping away,
But how do I stop you
When I can't seem to keep
My own two feet on the ground?
  Mar 2015 Sam Haidan
Jacob Christopher
They say,
old habits die hard.
Don't I know it.
I put down the bottle for a while,
picked it back up.
Older now, more refined.
instead of the cheap rot gut,
of my youth.
It all kills you in the end.
Still can't go out in public.
Teeth grinding,
Who's the enemy?
Who's the snake in this crowd?
Do I have my weapon?
Constantly clutching leather bound steel,
haven't needed the blade,
in a long time,
but must always be ready.
Marlb menthols,
pack a day, at least.
Smoke one to take the edge off,
there's always an edge.
Serial monogamist,
constantly striving for love,
hopeless romantic.
Hopelessly falling for women so venomous,
they could teach vipers,
a thing or two.
Picked up
a couple new ones but,
the old habits die hard
Sam Haidan Mar 2015
I had a dream of a dessert.
You were a mirage;
And I was a thirsty traveller,
Captivated by your illusion,
Carrying a torch,
Even though you didn't exist.
Sam Haidan Mar 2015
A million eyes gaze upon her,
Of different shapes sizes and colors.
Varied intention, varied purpose,
She stands alone entrapped in the circus.

The music plays on
But she hears no sound,
Under the echoes of laughter,
Vicious and loud.

Arms fly up in judgement,
Point fingers stretched out.
Deafening whispers,
"Look at that clown."

Strings tied to her limbs,
Her arms and her jaw;
The act commences,
Unrehearsed and flawed.

"Ladies and gentlemen,
Lo and behold!
The biggest disappointment
You'll ever know. "
Sam Haidan Mar 2015
Another failed romance.
I've been through enough of them.
I'm good at this.
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