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M/New Mexico, USA    "The myth of fulfillment makes us miss the most beautiful aspect of our human souls: our emptiness, our incompleteness, our radical yearning for love." Gerald ...
Sleeping with a ghost
31/M/Morocco    Welcome to my Wanderland! Where dreams shake hands with the days. Ig: M.e 992
26/F/Israel    Writing Poetry from my soul and heart about trauma spirituality and healing , keepin it raw and real! You can purchase my book @barnesandnobles "Stories ...
The Poetic Nicole
30/F/Nowhere    A Rebellious woman
Fay Grace
18/F/Mombasa    Poem is my daily medicine
Larry dillon
32/M/Seattle    I create narrative(story) based poems, that range in tone from bleak, whimsical, speculative and everything in between. There is usually a sci-fi/supernatural element in my ...
K Bee
32/F/Vancouver    Trying not to grow up too fast.
Michael Murphy
United States    I've always written, but decided to start sharing what I write. I find now that I love anything written by my parents, grandparents... (even recipes) ...
25/F/in a body and mind.    /eh-nai-lee/ since the beginning ~ a never ending time
F | Croatia | 22
26/F    Afraid to write fiction Instagram @chloewritespoetry <img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="
22/F    Sad
31/M/NG    Oladele is my name. And you can as well call me BOB D. Have Written so many poems of different kinds, talking about nature, love ...
Shara Miedema
31/F/Gouda(NL)    From the Netherlands. Born on 12-02-92. Grown a lot from my time on this earth. A passionate fighter, sensitive and in survival mode. Wanting to ...
am i ee
form is emptiness emptiness is form ~ The Heart Sutra Ga-te, ga-te, para-ga-te, para-samga-te, Bodhi svaha! Gone, gone, completely gone, utterly gone, behold Wisdom!
Jme Love
44/F/Cloud9    I think. I feel. I write. Sometimes i share sometimes i dont. Im no different than anyone else. Just trying to make it in a ...
26/F/the edge of the earth    1 Corinthians 13:12 INFJ
Glenn Currier
M/DeSoto, TX    I love poetry. It has been a major source of enjoyment and inspiration for me throughout my life. Many of my poems proceed from my ...
21/M/KE    Grateful
M/nashville, tn    queer creature // metaphysical human // Instagram (& Threads): @sofolo // CHRISTOPHERSOFOLO.COM
M/North Western Oregon    World traveler, Yarn Spinner, Published writer, Front porch philosopher, back porch dreamer. Gentleman Farmer, Devoted Father and Grandfather. Lover of Nature. Proud to have been ...
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