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 Jun 24 S Olson
grumpy thumb
Bees reaping purple clover
oblivious to lovers
harvesting moments
in the breath of summer
on a roll of grassy hillside
not far from the roadside
where travellers pass
as they gather miles per hour
ignorant in their hast
of tiny petal towers
herding insects
to the flower
I was fourteen
when I started shedding
first I shed him
a pale snake skin
and I thought that
would be the end of it

But once you
start picking
dead skin off
it's hard to stop

All kinds of parts
continue to slough
off of me

I keep the shells
of who I was
nestled in
my hope chest
even though they're just
papery husks
of cells

When I met you
I was just
looking to shed
my virginity

I buried
my fragile
cicada body

You ruined
this plan for me
because for the first time
I wanted to keep something
Day 3
When we met I had detailed plans of suicide
burying me alive
in problems

but let me instead
drown myself in poetry

into worlds of beauty
myself in imagination
until I am unable to surface again into reality

swallowing stanzas
gulping in each word  

letting the current of creativity
take me wherever it flows


I will find solace


I will set my heart free

as I lose myself
and drown in the sea of poetry
I want to thank each poet here for sharing their hearts, imagination, perspectives, their soul here on hello poetry. I have said it many times before that I have often spent my restless nights finding solace in your words. I appreciate you all more than I think I could ever express.
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