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Sometimes I feel, I am not
Ready for the future ready for what’s not
Things I think should be happening in my life this time is not
It’s got me thinking a lot
That what have I done or not done that makes me stop and wonder
Do I overthink my next move am I in check mate
Is something in my future missing or still waiting or not
What is my next move
reality another day
another year
another moment slips by
we wonder
we wait
what comes next
what will happen within my life
Will what I’ve done be enough to make people proud
Have I Left my mark on HISTORY
Will I be remembered.
What have I been waiting for?
A chance or promise broken
To myself I was untrue
To make no sense of something new
I will stop and think
My future is here
I will wait no more.
Waiting thinking dreaming
What can we do to be new?
To change, to renew
Arrange to see, what is new or coming, wondering will not help but being who you are will define, be smart focused be bold be you.
Truthful, caring loving thoughtful, ensuring you will be new, this is all it takes, focus on all of this and
a road to new is here.
There are no words or expressions that could come near to a ease of the pain,
Time will help to ease pain but love and feeling of a loss in your heart will forever be there, prepare yourself and children to know that you may never be there, something could happen and you could be left alone, cherish what you have and realize and respect them while they are alive and show them the love, and make sure that the last word you say to them when you talk and the last thing you say is I love you.
This will leave you knowing that you have always expressed your love for them.
I was so lucky to have my close family with me they supported me and guided me stayed by me and made sure I was strong, this process not easy but when you let them in it is easier.
Surround yourself with family and friends.
Let them help,
Except charity,
This is an expression of love.
Thank you all my friends for all you did.
Abigail sweet Abigail, Your beauty is overwhelming, your future a loving one with family of no better mix. Your small fingers and tiny hands so young, so sweet, such bliss, how blessed to welcome you to our family mix.
Abigail sweet Abigail, so lucky to be you to be loved by so many for only being you!
A party or a group just puts us at odds with each other.
What happened to just being humans no party affiliation and no discrimination, parties are just segregation renamed as something else, why can’t we just be Americans voting on what will run America, as it is a place where all are welcome
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