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Richard Shepherd Mar 2020
Stolen glances
stuttered speech
fury boils within
head hung low
shoulders hunched
body way too thin
resignation to the fact
that I can't cut it as a man
a smile appears as I walk
into the path of a speeding van
Richard Shepherd Nov 2018
I often wonder
what could of been?
a blessed homestead
so serene?
lust would be way down
on my list
for it is love and friendship
I can not resist
my hand held tight
my faults accepted
I am not the man
you once suspected
a broken heart
since I entered this realm
has hindered and splintered
each turn at the helm
I am far from perfect
I am far from complete
but with a little bit of loving
a new man you shall meet
I'm shy and inexperienced
yet loyal to the bone
awaiting my queen
as I slip from my throne
Richard Shepherd Oct 2018
As I lingered in the foyer
my mouth became quite dry
my testicles were icicles
as the ***** did saunter by
head held aloft
shoulders wide
sassaying her ample ****
did nothing for me
in the slightest
except give me the ******* ****
Richard Shepherd Oct 2018
So tell me why
there is a sky
why is it blue?
why can't I fly?
give me wings
give me a voice
give me a reason
or even a choice
I don't belong
within this song
no verse or chorus
to singalong
just a pitiful waste
with no passion or joy
ignore the numbers
I'm just a boy
even my shadow
has flown the coop
so I'll lay back and await
for the vultures to swoop
Richard Shepherd Oct 2018
Today is the day that I say goodbye
no more visions
as I cry
the glint of the blade
the red of the cut
time to uproot myself
out of this rut
I shall miss but a few
or maybe just two
I hope they understand
what I must do
I'm sick of existing
I'm sick of being lost
I'm sick of forever counting
my eternal cost
so I have made a choice
and it is to leave
some say it is selfish
but I know what I believe
I believe I am nothing
a transparent ghost
unnoticed by many
ignored by most
today is the day that I say goodbye
with no more teardrops
left to cry
Richard Shepherd Oct 2015
''Are you ready for your medicine Mr Lee?''


''Today we have something different for you''

''Is it strong?''

''Oh yes''

''What is it?''


"My goodness, already?"

"You are untreatable, we can not help you"

"So I have to die?"

"It's either that or we release you"

"I'm ready for my medicine"
Richard Shepherd Oct 2015
Take my hand then wipe my brow
forgiveness is the key
I'm not sure what I'm doing now
it all feels the same to me

I climbed up to the highest hill
then tripped and flipped and fell
I took a chance on a certain ****
then danced straight into hell

fires burned my frazzled mind
cold winds fanned the flames
I searched for treasure I've yet to find
whilst playing them silly games

sometimes I often lose myself
riding on the crest of a wave
it's not much fun sitting on a shelf
when it's loving that one does crave

perhaps one day I'll get it right
perhaps one day I'll smile
perhaps one day I'll fight the fight
then walk on up the aisle

inside my heart is weeping blood
it's written in my eyes
and as I'm drowning in the mud
I'll drop my weak disguise
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