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For some, poetry comes naturally
But for me its like carpentry

It takes nails, wood, glue, and time
To build these words that hopefully rhyme

In the end I hope these walls survive
So the beauty that lives within will thrive

To grow into ones colorful crest
To inspire fledgling poets building their first nest.
 Sep 2018 Elisabeth
nabi 나비
i haven't been able to write as much since you came back in my life
what little i have written, it's been about you
i think the reason why is due to the fact
that the only art i care about anymore is sitting right in front of me
nothing i create or think up, even on a really good day
could ever be as breathtaking as you
i'm trying to figure out what i can do because your all i seem to think about
and i don't even want to try writing about you
because then i will be going on for centuries
and never be done talking about how wonderful you are
don't even get me started on how i feel about you
that would be an endless cycle of me stating how in love with you i am
i'm trying to figure out what to do
because i'm always thinking about you and craving your attention
and i don't know how to express how spectacular you are
or how sincere i'm being when i tell you i adore you
i know none of my writing for you will ever me a masterpiece
but hopefully one of these days, you will see how i love you so
 Sep 2018 Elisabeth
African American plight
Incessant fright
Dark days into night

Equality, a concept
unbeknownst to we
Or is it me
Not born locally
And speaking uncolloquially

Now disillusioned
For a society alienated
Is a society decapitated
And the people dilapidated  
When you turn a blind eye
And hope not to hear their cry

Malignant systems
Elected officials to fix them
When all they do is fix them
To individual greed
And the corporate elite

Disenfranchised youth
Incarcerated they lose
Communities gentrified
And families undignified
A Marginalized people
Seen as second class
But a man of colour is no different from another.
America is a county founded in racism, and it remains the root of social division today

— The End —