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RLP Oct 2015
the strength inside me disappeared
cause it took all of me
to pretend that i stopped loving you
cause you stopped loving me.
  Oct 2015 RLP
You go through girls like I go through books but you found it strange how I preferred how they smell over perfume
There were days where I gave you everything I had on a silver plate and there were days when this plate was nowhere to be found
I fell in love with you, I fell in love so hard it broke me
And ever since you left my heart has been beating differently

I don't sleep anymore and I have a constant lump in my throat growing like a tumor
I'm losing people like tree leaves on an autumn afternoon
I think I'm losing my mind as well

In my dreams, you were still gone
And I was searching for you in the dark with my eyes closed
There was no hope
There is no hope
With everyday that passes, I know I'll wake up and you will still be gone

I miss you so much my bones ache
I wonder how you managed to detach yourself from me like you were a garden and I was just a wilting flower
Nothing matters anymore
Not the books
Not the trees
Not the dreams

Ever since you were gone, I had to bite my tongue so hard I think it's cut off
Now the only thing I could do is write a hundred poems that belonged to the ocean and leave them at your door
Hoping one day, you'll ******* tears in them
And maybe, just maybe
You'll find your way back to me.
  Oct 2015 RLP
Elijah Nicholas
when "I miss you"
isn't enough?
you say it again.
  Oct 2015 RLP
Acidic Moon
Underneath the stars at night,
I lie awake and think of you.
I think of all the things we use to do,
Oh how I miss you..
I miss all our memories..
All the things you said to me.
I miss your voice,
I miss your laugh..
I miss you..

As I lie awake,
Tears run down my face.
When I think of you,
This is what I do.
You broke me,
I'm so sorry..
I loved you,
But you lied to me.
You never loved me..
You never missed me..
And here I am, crying.
And trying.
To be the person I was before you came into my life.
But you've changed me,
And now I'm nothing more..
Than a broken girl..
And you were my whole world.
RLP May 2015
I guess I got what I wanted.
I spun your head around
just far enough for you to look my way.
But is it too much to ask,
for you to look my way
and to like what you see?
RLP Nov 2014
my body sits here in today
my brain is stuck on yesterday
chasing what i threw away
across this endless field

i tell myself i can move on
but pain is where my heart belongs
staggered words and broken songs
never to be healed
RLP Sep 2014
I can't believe
I trusted you
For all this time
I never knew
You played me
Like a little fool
Then crushed me
With your words so cruel

This time I won't
Make the mistake
Of giving you
My heart to break
I'll give it to
Somebody new
For love, I've found
Is overdue
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