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 Jan 2016 RLP
A Love For Hatred
I saw forever in your eyes. . .

                Then you closed them.
Wrote this when I found out my husband was in love with another woman.
 Jan 2016 RLP
love [5w]
 Jan 2016 RLP
letting go is love too
 Dec 2015 RLP
Caroline Lee
 Dec 2015 RLP
Caroline Lee
And even at night I still wonder if it could have been you
all those lightning bugs and stars we chased
Burnt fingers and summer nights alone
It meant something
Even if they're nearly memories now
And I don't think I'll be able to shake it:
The thought of you
Quiet and pressing like I used to wait for my mother's attention
I'm still strung up on bottled affection
Don't you come around me
We'll never be small again but I still live on your porch
Won't you invite me in?
Won't you finally let the light in?
And even though I know it would never work
I still talk about you to god and my friends
Still wonder after your wide eyed innocence and boyish gate
Still moon after blue lips and mud encrusted shoes
I still wonder about you
Memories of dinosaurs and changing leaves
Bath time and the scent of cigarettes drifting off your mothers hair
And as we grew so did the distance
Traded dinosaurs and race cars for new addresses and opposing forrests
Towering ideals of the oddity we call home
But even this can be bridged by melodies sung at tender hours of the night in your attic
Only we can say we spent the last breath of 2014 singing a madman's hymns
Only we can tangle as we do through fumbled melodies and timeless sentiments
And even still
I wonder if it could have been you
This is because I still think about the scent of your house and the way you sang.
 Dec 2015 RLP
oh my stars
i used to believe
that the sun rose
and the sun set
and the moon came out
and the moon hid
and that was it.
but you showed me that the sun
dances around the earth
before showing its beautiful colours
and saying goodnight.
and the moon shines bright
just for us,
so we can gaze into each other.

i used to believe that seasons turned
and the leaf fell from the tree
and that was it,
but you make the leaves flutter,
i see now that they don't fall-
they fly!
then take their place upon the autumn carpet
that will lead me to you.

i used to believe that everything just happened.
trees grew and withered,
humans existed and died
and that was it.
but trees don't just grow, they flourish
and humans live forever.

i used to believe that there was no reason for anything,
but now i see that
the whole world turns for us.
thank you for showing me that existence isn't all there is to life.
 Dec 2015 RLP
sage short
 Dec 2015 RLP
sage short
You wipe away my sorrows
The wavelength between
our hearts and breathless breathing
must be the definition of love
or maybe it's the stars
playing as ventriloquists
I think of you all the time
because you're in everything;
even the air I breathe
and I will lock that
in my wavelength for you forever
 Oct 2015 RLP
Everything reminds me of you.
 Jun 2015 RLP
 Jun 2015 RLP
Does insanity knows it is insanity?
No, only sanity knows.
Think about it.
 Jun 2015 RLP
Samuel Klistoff
in and out
in and out
out and in

my little breaths
              are of a different sort.

the pitterpatter of my heartdrum beats against my eardrum:
i sit in silence and do not know what to think.

salt water flows out from my eyes

oh when did i get this ocean inside of me?
 May 2015 RLP
 May 2015 RLP
Dear World,

Today is
   The day I
      Break down the walls.

Today is
   The day I
      Breathe it all in.

Today is
   The day I
      Open my heart.

Today is
   The day I

For so long
I have barricaded myself
Behind the thickest of masks,
And now it is time
For it to fall

No longer a
Nameless face,
A lost human,
A waste of space

Today is
   The day I
      Learn to fly!



Today is
   The day I
      Break your heart in two.

Today is
   The day I
      Let reality suffocate you.

Today is
   The day I
     Close your mind.

Today is
   The day your aspirations

For I am
To harden your heart
I will leave you rejected
With no hope
Of ever belonging.
Draw the mask
Back over your face
This is not a place
For being yourself.

Today is
   The day I
      Permanently break your wings.

 Sep 2014 RLP
Taylor Hough
 Sep 2014 RLP
Taylor Hough
I was completely engulfed by you.
Every move you made.

I was utterly captivated by you.
Every word you spoke.

I was entirely fascinated by you.
Every tune you hummed to yourself.

I was absolutely enchanted by you.
Every breath you took.

I was irrevocably in love with you.
No move you make, word you speak, tune you hum, or breath you take could change that.
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