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Rea Mar 2022
i can remember sitting in the living room and
listening to you talk to your mom on the phone.
and i remember laying in the floor by your feet
when you dried your hair.
i didn't understand, then, how you had so much to talk about every time.
i sit on the other side of 7 years and
i understand it now.
i understand it when i look at my phone and
see we have been talking for an hour
about nothing and everything and nothing again.
i still believe everything you say, and take it for fact.
i want to talk it dead with you forever.
just me and you, on the same line.
just me and you
Rea Feb 2022
now i'm trying to look for someone who makes me feel like
i don't deserve them.
like it took the power of all the celestial objects
for you to want me.
i'm tired of thinking i deserve things,
it's good to be reminded of my faults.
want to feel like i am the one girl in the crowd
you chose to come on stage and be by your side.
i want to say "i don't deserve you" until my voice stops working.
i don't want to deserve you but i want you to love my anyway.
Rea Feb 2022
you are a jungle, a sequoia tree, the rain in a drought.
grass withers and flowers fade, but i promise we'll stand forever.
Rea Feb 2022
two life rafts, you and i, in the open ocean.
it's weird to be on land now, isn't it?
i think i miss the motion of waves beneath my feet
but i don't know what that says about me.
i just know that on the darkest and coldest of nights,
you were the warmest thing i have ever known.
Rea Jan 2022
i look back and i hurt for the girl who would be crumpled in her bed right now.
she does not know this year will still demand more from her,
that she will not rest.
that it will not be okay.
lonely ghost towns and staircases.
the girl who only had her reflection for company,
the only one that dared to make eye contact.
i wish i could tell her it gets better, but honestly?
the year is going to make her want to give in, give up, give out.
give everything she has until there's nothing left,
and then give that up too.
and she will.
and she will fall to her knees,
and she will not get back up for months.
but when she does, i will be here.
and we will meet again.
Rea Jan 2022
watching snow pour to evermore
with milk and honey handsoap
Rea Jan 2022
i hope one day somebody loves my eyes as much as i do.
i hope they notice how often the black takes over the green.
lashes that refuse to curl and how eyeliner looks in the corners.
i hope they love the way i see the world, i hope they like the insight.
i hope i can make them fall in love with a new color.
because i will show you every hue
and tell you it's my favorite
and it will be the truth.
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